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Tracy Morgan released from Hospital after accident! More good news here!

Tracy Morgan is on his way to recovery and his next step is rehab! After the shocking and horrible accident, Tracy was in critical condition for a few days. Many even speculated that he was going to get an leg amputated, or that he wasn’t even going to make it.

After his reps pronounced a few words revealing the great news all rumors were dropped on the spot. And we’re so glad to report that he has recovered enough to leave the hospital! His rep spoke to the press once more Morgan’s situation and provided a few more details into his recovery:

“While he is continuing to show signs of improvement, he still has a long way to go. He and Megan wanted to publicly express their deepest gratitude to everyone at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital for the unbelievable care and attention they provided him.”

We’re always glad to report good news, and we would love to thank everyone working together to keep this awesome person and comedian around, and to the medical team who has obviously made an amazing work! We truly hope that Tracy gets better and beats all odds against him (Which seem very few right now ), and for him to come out victorious and with even better sense of humor about this than ever.

Stay tuned as we report more on this developing story via Twitter or Facebook.

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