Tom Hanks Heartbreaking News

Tom Hanks

One of our favorite childhood actors ended up getting the Coronavirus! See how Tom Hanks is handling it at the moment in our article!

Tom Hanks at the age of 63 tested positive for the Coronavirus in Australia while shooting a movie, along with his wife Rita Wilson. Did this information shock you? Half the world seemed devastated because of this information. Both of them are under a strict quarantine at the moment and are trying to stay optimistic regarding the entire situation. In their minds, overreacting, panicking or being sad or worried about it won’t do anything for their mental health.

Tom Hanks is quite active on his social platforms, and he is addressing that we all should follow his steps, as well as keep our chin up. In one of his tweets, he said:

“Thanks to the helpers,” he wrote.

“Let’s take care of ourselves and each other. Hanx.”

Tom Hanks also shared a picture of him eating Vegemite, stating that no bacteria or virus could survive that severe amount of Vegemite which is in his stomach! Could he be taking a different approach when fighting the virus?

Tom Hanks Heartbreaking News

Tom and Rita also asked their followers and fellow quarantine people to share their favorite quarantine songs with them. How will they title the playlist is also something that’s been bugging them, do you have any suggestions?

All in all, the couple is trying to stay silly, funny & relevant, and they don’t want to worry people around them. What do you think about their approach?

A) Tom Hanks is a silly person in general, and fighting things with humor is his best strategy!

B) He is just covering up his fear with some irrelevant and unusual facts because he is so scared.

What do you think that is the actual truth? How would you approach the situation if you had it, and do you know someone who has the Coronavirus? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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