There is more than a relationship with Justin Bieber, says Selena Gomez

relationship with Justin Bieber

Around the year of 2012 the celebrities, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were the talks of the town. They were the new couple who was ultimately in love with each other. Every single reporter and Facebook page mentioned news about them and all of their fans loved keeping track of their love life. But the life of this happy couple was very short-lived. Soon they broke up which left their fans shattered. Now Justin Bieber is married to another girl while Selena is still single. This is why in almost every interview, she gets asked about her past relationship. But this time she responded by saying that there’s more to her than her relationship with Justin Bieber.

Recently, ‘The Weekend’ magazine interviewed Selena Gomez and started asking her questions about her past life. To which Selena Gomes clearly said that people need to find different topics to ask her about. Justin Biever was a one-time thing, and it’s been some time that she has been entirely over him. 

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During a scene of her new virtual cooking show with the restaurant manager and culinary specialists Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo on Thursday, Gomez was asked what the things that she doesn’t like in other people and what are their characteristics which attract you are. To which she replied that kindness and honesty are the qualities that she admires in everyone. After this, she got asked about what she’s up to nowadays. Selena replied by saying that she is majorly focusing on her cooking show and is spending all of her time doing new and fresh projects. She said that she doesn’t like dwelling on the past and she wants to look forward to new and better things. 

Gomez additionally uncovered how she isn’t happy if there is an excessive amount of spotlight on her own life. She said that she likes staying lowkey in a way that her fans and other people don’t know much about what is going on in her life. 

“The part that disappoints me is when individuals consider me rude and think about me as a person who is still lingering to her feelings but there is more to me than my relationship with Justin Bieber.  That is why I hate when people keep asking me about that phase of my life’

Dotolo who was interviewing her continued to comfort Gomez by saying that sometimes we don’t recognize what the other person might be going through. We as a journalist just think about our job and ask you questions which we think your fans will want to know so we try to make it available to them. 

During one of her past shows, she had opened up about her mental state by telling her she felt anxious and depressed. This shows how Selena Gomez has never been scared about speaking the truth may it be her peace of mind or her relationship with Justin Bieber. She says no matter how much the truth hurts, it is best that you let the world know about it

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