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The Wanted’s Max George: Girlfriend Was Jealous He Kissed J.Lo

Looks like The Wanted‘s Max George will forever cherish the moment her got to kiss Jennifer Lopez during the band’s performance on American Idol.

Month after, Max continues to remember the kiss and even reveals that he wasn’t the envy of every guy in the world, but also his girlfriend’s! Girlfriend Michelle Keegan was jealous of the kiss, but for an unexpected reason: she wanted to be the one kissing J.Lo!

“My girlfriend was jealous but not because I was with J-Lo in that way. It’s because she wasn’t with J-Lo. She has a massive crush on her. If she met J-Lo it would be me keeping an eye on them two”, he told HeatWorld.com

“Saying that, I wouldn’t mind watching-it would be great”, he added.

The singer continued to praise the “Dance Again” hitmaker: “But she’s easily one of the nicest stars we’ve met. She was perfect.”

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Would you like to get a kiss from J.Lo?

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