Taylor Swift turns 21 with a pizza party

She said that she wanted to see snow on the day and true to her wish, her Nashville home experienced enough snow on the day.

During the day, she was interviewed on WSIX. She said that she had no major plans for the day and said she wished to spend the day in her home. She revealed during the interview that two of her bandsmen passed by and gave her a present for her birthday.

She also received her fair share of birthday present during the radio interview. The radio station’s staff and the host of the show, DJ Gerry House presented her with a rendition of “Happy Birthday” to which she was heard laughing all through.

When she was asked about how she feels about turning 21, Swift revealed that she feels that age remains a number. She said that it was the state of the mind that was most important.

She added that, “I think keeping your mind and your heart open keeps you young.”

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