Lindsay Lohan Takes The Challengue, ‘ I Will Complete My Community Service

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Lindsay Lohan is ready to do something that bet takers will surely make some cash on, because people Is already betting she will not complete her community service by this Thursday which is the established deadline!

Reporters say Miss LiLo was in Brooklyn at the beginning of May to try to extend her dead line, but all attempts were in vain. She had to achieve 115 hours, meaning a full 8 hours a day er’ (every) day!

With Memorial Day weekend, she only had to complete 26 hours to be done with it. Her holiday weekend consisted of working at a LGBT Youth center and again on Tuesday at a children’s service center.

Close sources say Lindsay worked 8 hours that Tuesday and will soon make 8 more, she still has time today! If you combine those 8 hours plus 8 more today and the ones done on the weekend, she’s nearly done!

There is a lot in risk, since the judge is ready to end her criminal case tomorrow, Thursday, and it is as follows, she is either completing community service and removed from probation or Lilo is going to visit a 5 star hotel in jail, with cute inmate matching jumpsuits.

Some people are doubting her and some have even made their bets, but Lilo is on top of her game, just to get it over with!

We have heard Lohan plans on actually visit London before her court visit this Thursday, her lawyer Shawn Holley will be the one to pre sent the judge the good news, let’s hope that the best happens!

Well Done Lindsay!

Do you think she will make it?? Tell us more on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, we’re eager to know your call on this one, will she complete it, or is she one step in jail and another on the side walk?

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, does the money raised compares to the wasted water?

Maybe the beginings of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was planned with a postive purpouse, nevertheless, once it went viral, this movement of not only celebrities but also being performed by regular John and Jane Doe, the consequences of the wrong use of potable water, in a world where many do not have runnig water today, 2014!

Let’s see how much this cause has raised:

The Washington Post informs that  18,927,590 liters of wasted wasted! ALMOST 19 Million! This amount , as to the British Diet Association, enough to help 27, 436  people for one full year!

The Environment Protection Agency, has acknowledged the social impact and the awareness generated by the Challenge, but hopes that people get a bit more creative and tries to find ways to waste less water when raising awereness for a cause!

In other words, let’s solve one problem at a time not worsen one while fixing other!

” We support the #IceBucketChallenge, but we want to ask everyone involved to be a bit more creative when using the water. You could do the challenge in your back yard for a change, so that way the water is not misused.” commented the Enviroment Protection Agency.

It is true that this was created to raise money for a good cause, but it makes no sense for those who are just doing the challenge as another viral challenge and end up not donating any money and wasting all the water.

Here’s a few celebrities who have accepted the challenge:


We could go all day, we’ll be adding more celebrities!You have seen it yourself, tons and tons of wasted water, at least most celebrities are donating!

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Lindsay Lohan hitting rock bottom again?

Alright LiLo this is getting old already! After going through a public rehab,recovery, and yet again relapse… this last one being the place where she keeps going back to.

Wednesday night back in Cannes, Lohan was spotted hard partying at the VIP Room nightclub, where she has crushed all her efforts and her friend’s of staying sober!

A close source to Lindsay says:

“Lindsay is f**ked up and is out of her f**king head. Lindsay is doing the exact opposite of what she should be doing.”

As told by the source, Lindsay Lohan wasn’t alone, she and her party buddy Gavin Doyle, whom we’ve known to be a trouble maker and loves drinking a lot. Let me bring you a little reminder, back in 2010 when Lindsay missed a court appointment because she lost her passport after a wild night out? Well that night… she was with him!

The source continued telling more about this Galvin guy:

“Lindsay was also with Gavin four years ago. And now he’s with her again. Everyone is worried that she’s back partying in Cannes and seeing the pictures of her in the club makes them think that she’s surrounding herself with her old friends and that her partying is out of control. He is enabling her and making a mess of everything.”


Wow, surprising… or nah? Is she ever going to stick to her sober self and stay away from toxic friendships? What are your thoughts on this? Tell us more on Twitter or Facebook.

Lindsay Lohan crazy train’s … the party is not over yet!

It seems that social media has made life easier on many of us reporters and bloggers since celebrities bring out the best of them and even the worts. This time hollywood  star  has been posting her party experience back in Cannes, where she arrived last Saturday from England for the Cannes Film Festival.


A topless picture with a friend, @mannyuk , playing truth or dare with Cara Delavigne and Rita Ora.. i think we have seen all from Lohan, all we would like to say is that this guy Manny should be careful, since last time Lindsay Lohan posted pictures like this with a friend he got ran over… So… long life to your friendship!

CaraRita Mannyuk ManU

Tell us what you think about Lindsay Lohan’s behavior this past weeked, I mean it’s no surprise but we’d love to hear from you!

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Lindsay Lohan’s partying again despite promises she made to Oprah Winfrey

Lindsay Lohan, 2 Broke Girls


Even though Lindsay Lohan promised Oprah Winfrey she was done with nightclubs and finished with hotel hopping, the troubled actress found it difficult to stick to promises.

The very same weekend  the docu-series “Lindsay” aired the second episode, Lohan was seen partying until the early hours of Saturday at the Electric Room at Dream Hotel and she also crashed in a room at Gramercy Park Hotel instead of returning home.

“Lindsays loves talking about her sobriety — then going to the Electric Room every Friday and Saturday night, ” a source said.

Oprah seems to care about the actress’ health and insists on trying to keep Lohan away from her bad habits. Unluckily, Lohan thinks she has it handled.

Let’s hope that Lindsay doesn’t have to go back to rehab for the seventh time.

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James Franco denied having sex with Lindsay Lohan

James Franco

Lindsay Lohan, 2 Broke Girls


James Franco is just one of 36 people named in the list published by the magazine In Touch. According to the paper, the list was done by Lindsay Lohan herself and it would have been forgotten in a hotel in Los Angeles.

So far, LiLo has not publicly referred to the situation which involves names like Justin Timberlake, Orlando Bloom and future dad, Ashton Kutcher. However, it was James Franco who had something to say about it!

During an interview with radio host Howard Stern, the actor denied having sex with the redhead.

You refused to have sex with Lindsay Lohan, didn´t you?” Stern asked.

Oh, God … Poor Lindsay. I have not talked to her in a while … we are friends“, Franco responded.

According to the actor, they met through friends when both were staying at the renowned Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood. “My house was being redecorated, so I stayed in the hotel and she had been living there a few years,” he said.

But, Stern who did not want to miss the question asked “Did you sexually reject her?”

I do not want to brag about it. I do not know where that came from,” said Franco.

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Lindsay Lohan Lists Famous Lovers: Timberlake, Ledger, Levine, Franco & more!

Lindsay Lohan, 2 Broke Girls


Turns out Lindsay Lohan likes to kiss and tell. According to In Touch Weekly, the troubled actress made an actual list of all the famous men she slept with over the years and the tabloid claims that the are in the possession of the handwritten list. Of course, they are making it public.

Lindsay herself allegedly wrote the infamous list which features 36 big names in Hollywood, including Justin Timberlake, James Franco, Heath Ledger, Zac Efron, Adam Levine, and even Joaquin Phoenix!

The 28-years-old actress reportedly wrote the list during an outing with friends in January 2013 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She and her group were talking about celebrities so LiLo thought it would be a great idea to brag with her famous conquests.

It was her personal conquest list. She was trying to impress her friends with the list and then tossed it aside,” a source said.

According to the insider, Lohan had to take some thinking time “as if she had to remind herself of who they were.

In Touch has already released a photo of the handwritten note and while most of the names are out there for the world to see, some are blurred out.

The list has some pretty big names on it, and they’re not all single guys. This getting out now could rock several Hollywood relationships to the core,” another source claims.

Check out Lindsay Lohan’s alleged conquest list!

Lindsay Lohan, Famous Men, List

Let’s see who else is there. Demi Lovato‘s man Wilmer Walderama, The Wanted’s Max George (we knew about him already), Colin Farrell, Garret Hedlund (he’s with Kirsten Dunst and has been for a long time now), and Jamie Dornan. Oh, and Emma Roberts’ fiance Evan Peters is on the list too.

Are you surprised by any of these names? I am. Surprised about Timberlake, Efron, Hedlund, and maybe even Dornan.

LiLo In Touch cover

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan’s alleged famous lovers list?

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Justin Bieber Is Most Overexposed Celebrity 2014

Justin Bieber, Overexposed Celebrity

Justin Bieber at the 'Believe' Premiere


To no one’s surprise, Justin Bieber has been named Most Overexposed Celebrity 2014 by Forbes.

The Biebs, whose year was filled with Selena Gomez relationship drama, drug allegations, peeing in restaurant mop buckets, stripper photos, and the highlight, an arrest, topped the list developed with E-Score‘s E-Poll Research, which ranked “more than 6,600 bold-faced names based on 46 attributes through public opinion polling.”

Justin scored a 67% rating of overexposed, which helped him score the first place on the list.

The second most overexposed celebrity of the year is Kim Kardashian, with a 61% rating. Not even Kanye‘s desperate attempts to get rid of the paparazzi helped his baby mama stay out of the spotlight. Not that Kim doesn’t love the attention.

Lindsay Lohan holds the third place, with a 59% rating. LiLo always finds a way to stay in the media. Mostly, or always, because of the bad things she does.

Next on the list is Miley Cyrus (57%). I’m surprised Miley didn’t score second place. Her tongue was everywhere over the last months.

Honey Boo Boo rounds the top five, with a 56% rating. Love her, hope the show goes on for years.

Kim isn’t the only overexposed Kardashian. Kris Jenner (55%), Kourtney Kardashian (50%) and Khloe Kardashian (49%) also got plenty of coverage in the media this year.

Snooki and Paris Hilton are still very much relevant too.

Justin Bieber 'Believe' World Premierekardashian sistersLindsay Lohan at 'Scary Movie V' Los Angeles Premiere

Which celebrities have you had enough of this year?

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Lindsay Lohan To Guest Star in 2 Broke Girls

Lindsay Lohan, 2 Broke Girls


Lindsay Lohan managed to score a new role. The troubled actress will guest star in an upcoming episode of 2 Broke Girls and she couldn’t be happier.

#2BROKEGIRLS & A “MEAN” ONE: Its true!! Excited to be back on set and work w/ @officialkat and @bethbehrs @cbs“, she announced on Twitter.

According to TV Line, LiLo will play “Claire Guinness, a soon-to-be-bride who asks Max and Caroline to make her wedding cake“. Of course, future bride Claire will be not easy to work with.

The episode will air April 14.

The news of Lohan’s new gig comes shortly after she premiered the trailer for the upcoming OWN documentary. You can check out the trailer here.

Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings Lindsay Lohan

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will do a good job in 2 Broke Girls?

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Lindsay Lohan Getting Plastic Surgery To Remove ‘Double Chin’?

Lindsay Lohan at 'Scary Movie V' Los Angeles Premiere


Lindsay Lohan is once again the target of tabloids, this time not for drunk driving or speeding or court appearances, but because of a series of mean remark made in regards to her looks (which are just fine btw).

Star magazine claims “Lindsay Lohan is looking to take the easy way out when it comes to her booze-bloated face” and goes on to allege that the “Mean Girls” star will be getting liposuction to remove her “unsightly double chin.” That is so rude!

The tabloid also features a rude joke: “Looks like the turkey won’t be the only thing at her Thanksgiving with a wattle!

Of course this is just a rude rumor started to stir up controversy. Gossip Cop immediately blasted the report, with a rep for LiLo stating that the plastic surgery rumor is “ludicrous”.

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Lindsay Lohan at Golden Globes Weinstein Company Afterparty Lindsay Lohan at 'Liz & Dick' Los Angeles Premiere