Kylie Jenner Would Never Forgive A Cheating Partner!

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner stated that she would never forgive a cheating partner! Do you agree with this statement?

Kylie Jenner posted some videos with her friends recently, where all of them were playing the well-known game, ”Who’s Most Likely To”? In this game, her friends took turns and they answered questions back and forth, trying to figure out which one of them is ”the most daring one”.

One of the asked questions was ”Who’s most likely to forgive a cheating partner?”, where all of the girls said none of us! Kylie played this game with Stassie and some other A-list celebrity friends. Does this come off as a surprise to you? Since as we all know it by now, Kylie’s ex-best friend Jordyn Woods had messed around with Tristan Thompson, who is the baby daddy of Khloe Kardashians baby girl. And as we all know it, Kylie & Khloe are sisters!

This scandal has occurred over a year ago, and ever since then, Kylie stopped hanging out with Jordyn.

Kylie & Khloe

However, have you also noticed that Kylie & Travis Scott have stopped dating as of recent? Do you feel like the cheating rumors against this rapper were true? Was Travis disloyal as well? During the quarantine, Travis is not staying with Kylie, and fans are trying to figure out why is that.

What’s your opinion on the entire thing?

A) Kylie and Travis are loyal to one another, they are just trying to work some things out. Kylie is only bitter towards Tristan.

B) Travis has probably cheated on Kylie at one point, but she is not too sure if she’d take him back. You personally would forgive a cheating partner.

C) Travis has probably cheated on Kylie at one point, and she will not forgive him. You, personally, would also never forgive a cheating partner.

Sound off!

Kylie Jenner Surprises Everyone With The Stormi Collection!

Stormi Collection

Will you be the first in line to get the new Kylie Jenner shadow palette? This one was inspired by her daughter, Stormi! How precious is that? Keep reading to know more about the Stormi Collection.

It seems like Kylie Jenner is constantly dropping some new products, wouldn’t you agree? The billionaire is always thinking of ways to add new, innovative, modern, as well as practical products to her beauty line. She is also trying to get on people’s soft side, and this time she did that with the help of her baby, Stormi!

Kylie Jenner dedicated an entire makeup line to her baby girl. Five days ago, she even had a huge purple inspired party, all for her daughter! (cute Mom). Everyone talked about how extravagant everything was, and now fans cannot wait to see what Kylie will drop in less than 4 days! Are you looking forward to seeing this?

Kylie Jenner dedicated an entire makeup line to her baby girl

Why in 4 days exactly? Little Stormi will celebrate her second birthday on the first of February! Kylie decided to sell everything on her website on that specific date in honor of her baby girl.

To make the matters even more extreme, Kylie did an entire photoshoot with Stormi while wearing all her newest & latest products. Also, the billionaire ended up getting a unique manicure in honor of Stormi, which everyone is copying at this very own moment!

Kylie did an entire photoshoot with Stormi

So, at the end, we want to know what you think of the Stormi Collection. Please pick your answer from the option below.

A) I love it, cannot wait to see what she has in store for us, would also love to get a piece!

B) I think it is a cool concept, but I am not intrigued by her products.

C) I don’t like it at all, why drag a child into the marketing world?

Let us know your comments down below!

Kendall Jenner Forgets her pants at home while Kylie Jenner show cast her new shack!

Is no surprise that Kendall Jenner loves showing off her perfect long tanned legs and we have no shame admitting we LOVE sharing!


The 19 yeard old walked through New York City earlier this Friday with nothing but a Yeesus Jersey on, some stiletos, a mini bun and some shades. Yeesus, brand created by her brother in law Kanye.

Now we ask ourselves if she had anything else under? Well.. seems we’ll never know.

Meanwhile the other Jenner shows off her new home sweet home, and how Sweet it truly is! What you see below these letters is a snapchat of her shoe closet! Yep, you got it right, a dream come true for any shoe lover!


We know it, we know you can barely believe how perfect it is! Well the following image is what we assume it is the bathroom, or one of them knowing that we will be seing a LOT of selfies there. And you thought you had it all figured out when you moved from your parent’s house.


Truth is not all of us is a Jenner or a Kardashian!  What do you think about both stories? Leave your comment or tell us more via social media!

Miley Cyrus Parties Hard AND Topless with the Jenners! Check out the Candids!

Well it seems Miss. Miley Cyrus took the weekend to do some shock tactics! The ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer went to an Alexander Wang after party for the New York Fashion week in New York City this past weekend.


And the missy assured that even if she was surrounded by other celebrities, she was THE center of attention, thanks to her ‘Tatas…


She walked in TOPLESS!! Just with some delicious ice cream nipple pasties! OH Dear lord… but that wasn’t all she was hanging out with the Jenners, whom were trying to hide from the papz so maybe Mommi Kris won’t give them a sermon for partying with semi-naked people…!

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner tried to hid as much as they could but it was impossible not to recognize them! Here’s the whole night nutshell in pictures:


The Shades made of pills, the Mary Jane earrings, Miley went over the top this weekend, we just hope she had safe fun! And as to the Jenners.. is ok girls… we know a lil hard party won’t hurt you!

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MTV VMA’s 2014 best dressed!

We had music, we had entertainment, we had tears of you and excitement and we also had THE BEST DRESSED OF THE RED CARPET!

Without further a due here they are!


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WHAAAT?? Zac Efron gets hands on Justin Bieber now! Check out the image here!

I bet that Orlando Bloom is not the only one who wants or wanted to get his hands on JB, I bet there’s more than one out there who would pay to do so. Well my dear gossipers this time was Zac Efron‘s turn, but not they way you think!

A online user named Josh Gigante posted a Twitter pic with these two, Zac and Justin Bieber,  in which Zac has his hands on Justin’s neck, here it is:

Well, it is not what we expected either, but if anyone gets that close to Bieber, I’d just might as well at least whip his head a bit!! They were both spotted in Ibiza where they’ve been partying a lot! One of the with a gorgeous lady, Michelle Rodriguez , and the other with a BUNCH of gorgeous ladies, Jenners and Kardashians!

Well, well, well Zackie’ boy seems to be getting closer and closer to what we like to call “Bad Company and Celebrity Associates” , we just hope that hanging out with Michelle and Bieber doesn’t turn into another rehab session for Efron.

Stay safe Zac! Gosh we still wish he had at least pinched Bieber, *sigh!

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The Jenners hanging out with Chris Brown!! And We thought Jelena was trouble!!

The famous reality and model celebs Kilie and Kendall Jenner are down on some hard core partying and counting with her friendzies’ Chris Brown and  Trey Songz.

Posing for some party Instagram clips for a few accounts recorded the star mingle last Saturday.

We just hope these girls are not down on to some hard CORE partying with these two.. like for real! What do you think? Is this jsut some harmless partying or something bad could come out of this? We want to hear it from you.. tell us more via:

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Kylie Jenner… too much Botox in her lips or just a make up malfunction?!

Kylie Jenner seems to be very flaunty’ on her social media, posting her pumped up lips. Yesterday she posted an image of her and a friend that actually look quite strange in the right corner of her upper lip, experts say those are injection track marks.


We are not really sure, it could be anything, a love bite, a pimple, she’s a teen it could be anything! But we do have to say that if we compare past images from Kylie and now there’s an obvious change in her lips, they seem fuller now. This is crazy!! since Jenner is only 16 years old,  we hope she just got a super awesome make up artist and not just surgery!

We will let you be the judge:


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North West KidChella Birthday Party! Kim and Kanye, well done!

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West said the would pull a big party for their lil’ one, North West they were not kidding! It was North’s first birthday ever it HAD to be amazing!


They covered their yard with tee pees, had a mini stage set up, a bounce house, and her own Ferris wheel !

KidchellaNW KKKidchella NW


The only thing we still don’t have is better pictures of the birthday girl itself, but we have a few videos from the Jenner girls and the Kardashian aunties! We also spotted Moises Arias taking a few pics of Kendall and Kylie  and then joined the stage ( If you can’t remember him recently, he was the guy laying in bed shirtless with Will Smith’s daughter Willow.).

KendallKidchella KidchellaY KourtKKidchella


Blacchyna Kidchella (2)

They had face painting, custom made Yeezus shirts for the kids, hair braiding, tie dye and even food stands with cotton candy and churros!! Yum! This is just her firts birthday , can’t wait for her Sweet 16..!! Way to go Kimye!

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Kim Kardashian Last Supper in Paris!

Definitely a night to remember, it all seemed almost magical, and this is only her bachelorette party!

Kim was surrounded by her sisters and friends as they had dinner and a walk around Eiffel Tower. I mean with a dream wedding coming on the way this girls night out could be nothing less !

Here we have the pictures for the night in Paris:


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