Are Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner dating?

Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner datingYou surely have heard about the rumor of the relationship between the Canadian singer Justin Bieber and the model Kendall Jenner. As they spent time together in Ibiza and Paris this summer, paparazzi are reporting they are dating. But is it true?

Kendall Jenner said “Not true” in a recent interview with Nightline. “He’s a longtime friend of our family.” She also mentioned she’s not currently in a relationship.

So what do you think? Is Kendall Jenner hiding something or she’s not really dating Justin Bieber? Leave your comment.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be back together! Find out why here!

Jelena is BACK bitcheeessss!

How do we know and dare to do this affirmation, well we know their relationship is a roller coaster ride, but by now are enjoying the moment together.

Though they have been “secretly” dating , they are also talking about love! Yes babes! there’s tons of “I love you” this past weekend, insiders report they’re even calling each other bf and gf!

They are also wanting to clean up their acts in general, they even spent this past weekend doing hiking and chilling with friends at home! While Justin Bieber supposedly made sure Selena had ALL she wanted!

Insiders also tell us, that Selena Gomez is totally digging the attention from the pop super star! Also over the weekend we posted this jewel, so you be the judge!


So babes and dudes, expect some more Jelena to come! And we’ll keep you posted!

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WHAAAT?? Zac Efron gets hands on Justin Bieber now! Check out the image here!

I bet that Orlando Bloom is not the only one who wants or wanted to get his hands on JB, I bet there’s more than one out there who would pay to do so. Well my dear gossipers this time was Zac Efron‘s turn, but not they way you think!

A online user named Josh Gigante posted a Twitter pic with these two, Zac and Justin Bieber,  in which Zac has his hands on Justin’s neck, here it is:

Well, it is not what we expected either, but if anyone gets that close to Bieber, I’d just might as well at least whip his head a bit!! They were both spotted in Ibiza where they’ve been partying a lot! One of the with a gorgeous lady, Michelle Rodriguez , and the other with a BUNCH of gorgeous ladies, Jenners and Kardashians!

Well, well, well Zackie’ boy seems to be getting closer and closer to what we like to call “Bad Company and Celebrity Associates” , we just hope that hanging out with Michelle and Bieber doesn’t turn into another rehab session for Efron.

Stay safe Zac! Gosh we still wish he had at least pinched Bieber, *sigh!

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Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber fist fight?! Choose your team!

Well babes and boys seems that finally someone in Hollywood just can’t take Bieber’s BS’s! Since both of these two gentleman’ ( If we can call Justin that?!) were partying early today Wednesday in Ibiza t Cipriani restaurant, when they strangely ran into each other.

And this seems to be an old penging task on Orlando’s To Do list, since waaaay back Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr divorced, she was spotted flirting VERY VERY Intensely with Justin Bieber.

BUT!!! A couple of months down the road ORLANDO was spotted hanging out with Selena Gomez. Unlike Bloom who didn’t do much back when Biebs hung out with his GF , well Justin decided he would speak up, screaming to Orlando:

‘What up, bitch?’

Mr. Bloom might have been ok with Bieber hanging out with Kerr, but after both of these guys exchanged words the conversation got a bit heated and it ended up in Bloom PUNCHING Justin!!!! We have a small video provided by TMZ:

OUCH! While the pop singer feared for his money making face Justin Bieber flew the scene, because after all he’s all talk and no play. He even posted a picture of Miranda, which he quickly deleted… Bieber go home you fufu lame kid… !

We’re not sure if this all had to do with the girls Selena and Miranda, but all we gotta say is if it was, Orlando got some back! hahaha

We figured we’d have to wait a bit to find out. Stay updated via your fave social network!

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10 Celebrities who lost their virginity to other celebrities

First times are always unforgettable, and these starts made sure their first time was something worth remembering.. or not? Check out these super star’s amazing stories.

1. Selena Gomez

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

That was an was an easy one, she lost her virginity to Biebs… Justin Bieber… Poor little girl, since that day she hasn’t been the same, her on and off relationship and her strange crazy sexy behavior has some of us wondering if it’s love or what?

2. Joe Jonas

2014 Boxing - Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Marcos Maidana - VIP Pre-Fight Party - May 3, 2014

Joe and his chastity vow promising to save himself for marriage, but to later confess that the lucky lady that this Jonas took to rock n’ roll his bed was Ashley Greene… Lucky her!

3. Kim Kardashian

69th Annual Golden Globe Awards The Weinstein Company Afterparty - Arrivals

With a little bit of a scandalous sex life, the reality diva it is said that she lost her purity with TJ Jackson, Michael Jackson’s nephew… girl knew how to pick her clique, even in bed!

4.Kirsten Dunst

65th Annual Cannes Film Festival - "On the Road" Photocall

Self proclaimed virgin in 2001, but shortly after that she went on a 2 year relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. During these two years it is said they shared, table, pet, dinners and even bed!

5.Jessica Simpson

100th Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner - Arrivals

Another that claimed to stay clean and pure until marriage, we’re still not sure if she waited to tie the knots or not but one thing is sure… the one who popped her cherry was pop singer and reality celebrity Nick Lachey,  with whom she was married for 3 years.

6.Jessica Alba

Samsung Hope For Children Gala 2014 in New York City - Arrivals

She confessed she WAS a virgin until the age of 18, but the man that made her legs tremble was 12 YEARS OLDER THAN HER!!! This sounded so lolita! It was Michael Weatherly.  After 4 years of relation ship and even engagement the couple broke up. No Jessica is married to Cash Warren.

7.Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton and Chanel West Coast Visit The Pool After Dark at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City - May 10, 2014

Paris Hilton surely started her sex life young, at the tender age of 15 Tori Spelling’s brother,  Randy Spelling, took hers in a hotel room! What a first time!!!

8.Mandy Moore

7th Annual Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party Presented by Perrier-Jouet, MAC Cosmetics and MaxMara - Arrivals

Miss Pureness and Sweetness, the Taylor Swift of the 90’s , the one who was never questioned about her virginity… right until the venezuelan actor Wilmer Valderrama opened up his big fat mouth, kissing and telling how he cutted the rope on Mandy’s Vajay-jay!!!

9.Taylor Swift

49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards - Arrivals

Her famous first time was as well the worst guy we could ever say there is in this planet. Asides from being a well known “cherry Popper” among celebrities, he also dumped Taylor through a text message and didn’t even showed up to her 21st birthday! We’re talking about the infamous Jake Gyllenhaal.  Taylor made sure he won’t forget her either with a couple of songs she wrote for him!

10.Adriana Lima

2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway and Show

Famous Victoria’s Secret model claimed as well to keep herself for marriage, and yet another one who couldn’t keep her promise! She had her first encounter with basketball player Marko Jaric, whom made her completly erase her vows of purity!

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Selena Gomez throwing shade at Justin Bieber?? What is going on with these two?!

Some weird activity  is going on Selena Gomez’s Instagram, with some strange pictures! Check them out!

You’re always listened to.

That’s who you wanna wake up to. #promise.

Seriously? First you’re mad girl and then you’d like to wake up to whom? Justin? We’re confused!?

#zoesaldana #womenempowerment you are all so beautiful the way YOU are. No bigger or smaller. You all inspire me.

And the last one with the words that sound most hurtful:

UPDATE: Oops Seems Selena deleted this Insta pic… hmm.. this makes us wonder??? We will get you the image back shortly!


So we’re not sure if she’s getting over him, if she’s pissed or what?! But this teenage rollercoaster is sure learning a lot from this relationship. We just all hope she does well and feels better soon..

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Selena Gomez is losing her friends! This time is Demi Lovato

Feuds and broken friendships… what a terrible way to start a Friday… but we guess Selena’s last make up actually broke a few friendships.

demi lovato

It is the case of Demi Lovato, who unfollowed Selena Gomez yesterday on Twitter, and trust me this is not like Colfer’s hacking problem!

All fans were shocked!! We’re really not sure of what’s going on, but it most likely is that Selena is back with Justin and she’s already on some shady moves… Just as if it wasn’t enough by ending a beautiful friendship, Lovato made sure to burn all bridges, at least if it’s true. Since there is an image running around the web in which Demi posted this on Twitter, a tweet that was supposedly later deleted.

Can someone say something already?!?!

While we figure out what happened or someone decides to talk take a look at the meanie’ tweet——>

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The 5 Most Shocking Rock Star Arrests Ever

Justin Bieber’s recent run-in with the law got us thinking. Rock stardom was practically built on anti-social behavior. Mix together a hotel room stocked full of booze along with a couple of groupies, and you have yourself a recipe for classic rock and roll hijinx. But sometimes, things get a bit out of hand. Here are our picks for the top five most shocking rock star arrests ever:

5. Jack White pummels a dude

Jack White of the White Stripes got into a 2003 bar brawl with Jason Stollsteimer of the Von Bondies, a band that White had toured with and produced an album for. Jack admitted he spit on Stollsteimer and hit him. Jack White plead guilty, was fined $500 and was sent to anger management.

4. Lil Wayne’s mountain of drugs

In a January of 2008, rapper Lil Wayne was arrested for possession. Police found 41 grams of ecstasy, 29 grams of cocaine and a horde of drug paraphernalia on his tour bus. Wayne scored three years of probation for four felonies. We’re pretty sure that even Salcido criminal defense couldn’t have helped the Lil’ One, as he violated probation for marijuana under a year later.

3. Kid Rock vs. waffles

Southern rock-rapper Kid Rock was a little drunk in 2007. He and his cohorts ended up in wild waffle house brawl in Atlanta with a male patron, doing $40,000 in damage. The victim claimed he didn’t know what set the Kid off. The singer claimed it started over comments about his ex-wife Pamela Anderson. Kid Rock plead guilty to a misdemeanor.

2. The epic arrests of Jim Morrison

Legendary Doors frontman Jim Morrison had a run-in with “The Man” in 1967. Jim was backstage before a concert making out with a fan in a shower when he was approached by a police officer who didn’t recognize him and asked the singer to vacate the area. The Lizard King’s reply? “Eat it.” Moments later, Mr. Morrison was maced.

The concert went on. Jim went into a profane tirade shouting about how the whole world hated him. He taunted the “pig” cops from the stage, which prompted them to bring the show to a halt. Jim Morrison was taken into custody and charged with “inciting a riot” among other things.

1. Chuck Berry

Music trailblazer Chuck Berry was arrested in 1959 for bringing a 14 year old girl across state lines for “immoral purposes.” He received a five year jail sentence. He did not learn his lesson. In 1990, he was arrested for “videotaping a womens’ room”.

Waffle houses and women’s rooms. That’s rock and roll for you.

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber caught doing coke?! Rumor or Truth?

Some of us will feel like, i knew it!, some other like.. i told you so! And also there’s some of us in shock!

It happens that In Touch magazine reports that Bieber and Selena Gomez were doing lines of coke at a club together! Eeeerrrch! WHAT?!

It all happened at Hollywood cool spot 1Oak where supposedly 20 year old Bieber and his on and off girlfriend Selena Gomez had a powder party, blowing lines like nothing!

A source said:

“They have been partying nonstop, they clearly aren’t worried about their behavior. They get caught doing lines. The video is pretty dark and fuzzy.”

Now someone is asking for big money to leak the video out! Just as a reminder Miss Gomez had cops knocking her doors last week because of loud partying. But even thought there’s some weird changes in Selena’s behavior, some people say this is all a rumor and that In Touch is just a seeking attention tabloid, spreading fake rumors all over the place!

But her caught these two pictures off their instagrams Selena’s  captioned as:

“Fabulously/intensely dealing with sinus problems. Clearly. #blamethe70sflarepants”



Sinus? Yeah ok! … Sinus?

And Justin on the other hand posted this captioned pic on Instagram:

“Slept all day, up all night ♛”



Up all night? We know what keep people UP all night.. and also makes you grind your teeth! Oh boy! Let’s cross our fingers for this to be JUST a rumor!

Does JB has anything to do with this? Are these just rumors or truth? Can you see Jelena spiraling down?  We hope not!

We won’t hesitate to believe anything yet, since In Touch has given a few unreal reports before.. just for the sake of it.. and we know that this team is a very talented couple.. we hope they don’t get lost on alcohol and drugs!

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