Kaftans for the Party Season

Shopping for any celebration is a happy time, especially from a fashion perspective. With each new season designers thrill us with innovative apparel choices, and the upcoming festive season is no exception. Christmas in particular is a time for enjoyment and celebration, so there’s no better excuse to treat yourself to some elegant threads.

Now of course with December beckoning, for women this is the time to go all out and look your best. After all, if you can’t make a special sartorial effort around the Christmas and New Year season, when can you?!

However, it’s astonishing how stressful the preparation period can be, especially where choosing an entire new season’s wardrobe is concerned. But in an age where we “buy now and pay later”, fashion-savvy females are no strangers to going the extra mile in order to stay looking stylish.

Kaftan fashionSo what are some of the best clothing choices for this year’s season of goodwill? There is no magic rule book for what classes as the number one outfit choice, but we can take the time to have a look at the following points for some inspiration in the process…

The Kaftan

You may not immediately picture a kaftan to wear around the Christmas period, but it’s surprising just how fashionable designs have gotten over the years, so do not rule this garment out just yet. Light and flowing to wear, kaftans are essentially wearable pieces of art due to their versatile variety of prints. If you’re looking to browse through a decent range of kaftans online, you’re in for a treat with the Queen of Kaftans, CAMILLA. Here you will find kaftans of all lengths, prints and embellishments. The good news is that this resort wear essential is designed to flatter the figure, so there is every excuse to buy one. And did we mention that there are different ways of tying the kaftan and creating new looks with the one garment? Winning!

History of the Kaftan

A trend that has become hugely popular since the 1950’s is wearing poolside clothing and beach wear to places other than the seaside. Enter the kaftan. This daring yet delightful trend is here to stay with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Beyonce all being huge supporters.

The kaftan initially stemmed from the late 60’s and 70’s when hippie culture was at the height of its popularity. Kaftans are very simplistic garments that are usually worn over the top of other clothing choices. However, they can also be worn on their own as a stylish dress. Originating from the Middle East, it used to be that kaftans were mainly worn to cover a male or female’s modesty. But as fashion has moved on, so has the kaftan’s purpose.

Kaftan Styles

Whether you’re a secret hippie at heart, you love to channel Bohemian style like actress Sienna Miller, or you just need an iconic party piece that’s different from the norm, the kaftan definitely appeals to a variety of lifestyles. It is a feminine garment that comes in printed, embellished or plain designs, depending on the designer or retailer. The length of a kaftan can also vary, but recently, shorter editions have been on the fashion menu for many women. So if you want to dress with ethnic flair this season, look no further than the kaftan.

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Jennifer Lopez holding it against Nicki Minaj? Battle of the booties is here!


Well things got steamy last night at the Fashion Rocks show… celebs were questioned to pick sides regarding JLo’s booty or Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda.. and the things just got very very shady!

Lala went on and asked everyone in the red carpet who would they pick in case there WAS a booty battle…

The thing got heated up when event goers reported that JLo was very upset while Nicki’s performance at the Fashion Rocks, keeping her arms crossed and we must say that there’s rumors of the reasons why Jennifer Lopez was upset and it is because Casper Smart has been helping Nicki out and spending time with her…

Hmmm, what are your thoughts on this feud boys and girls?

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Jlo and her Booty Teaser with Iggy Azalea


Oh Big Booties Unite! And Yes it happened… we have a teaser and now we cannot wait for the video to be here! We will seriously not say anything else but, JLo Still has game !!!

Check it out and judge yourself!


It is going to be a tight competition between Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda and JLo’s Booty! We’ll see with time which one will win the battle of the booties!

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MTV VMA’s 2014 best dressed!

We had music, we had entertainment, we had tears of you and excitement and we also had THE BEST DRESSED OF THE RED CARPET!

Without further a due here they are!


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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, does the money raised compares to the wasted water?

Maybe the beginings of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was planned with a postive purpouse, nevertheless, once it went viral, this movement of not only celebrities but also being performed by regular John and Jane Doe, the consequences of the wrong use of potable water, in a world where many do not have runnig water today, 2014!

Let’s see how much this cause has raised:

The Washington Post informs that  18,927,590 liters of wasted wasted! ALMOST 19 Million! This amount , as to the British Diet Association, enough to help 27, 436  people for one full year!

The Environment Protection Agency, has acknowledged the social impact and the awareness generated by the Challenge, but hopes that people get a bit more creative and tries to find ways to waste less water when raising awereness for a cause!

In other words, let’s solve one problem at a time not worsen one while fixing other!

” We support the #IceBucketChallenge, but we want to ask everyone involved to be a bit more creative when using the water. You could do the challenge in your back yard for a change, so that way the water is not misused.” commented the Enviroment Protection Agency.

It is true that this was created to raise money for a good cause, but it makes no sense for those who are just doing the challenge as another viral challenge and end up not donating any money and wasting all the water.

Here’s a few celebrities who have accepted the challenge:


We could go all day, we’ll be adding more celebrities!You have seen it yourself, tons and tons of wasted water, at least most celebrities are donating!

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Best Dressed Celebs of the Week!

In the Hollywood world it is very important to make honor to your paycheck and AT least TRY to dress well… But these celebs took it a bit more serious! These are THE BEST DRESSED CELEBRITIES OF THE WEEK:


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Donald Trump on Jennifer Lopez/Kim Kardashian: They have horrible bodies? Wait What??

Curvy-licious girls unite! and not only curvy all of us, i mean.. who is he to come talking about women bodies like that?!

Donald Trump was on the Howard Stern show this week he was asked about Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, who was hotter? He expresed that he didn’t find any of them attractive, and that in the “old days” they would’ve said they had BAD BODY! Then tried to clean his act up saying that either way he had good relationships with both of them.


Is there even such thing as a bad body? Do we have to be cursed, seriously, forever about the way we look… that bad? And not only he said that the host went on and asked him about who he would prefer in bed to which he replied…  neither.


He went on talking about what he liked and didn’t about some female celebrities. Talking on how big Kardashian’s ass was… i mean? Really… are people discussing these kinds of things on international / national reach media?

I think some opinions should never see the light, there’s a saying around there that goes like this : ” For preferences, they made colors.”so pick and choose TRUMP!

Listen to the controversial short interview here:

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”]https://soundcloud.com/howardstern/trump-kim-jlo[/soundcloud]

( Audio source Howard Stern Soundcloud)

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Jennifer Lopez joins the Twerknation! Check the video here, God help us all!

We know most of you just got into the article to see Jennifer Lopez biggest asset shakin’ like there’s no tomorrow! And we do have it!

The bootylicious singer just release a new teaser video of one of her songs from her new album AKA, we know she is a very good dancer and know most of her sexy moves, but we sure were not expecting this… so out of the blue.. anyways.. check out the video below:


We are sure she knows her best weapon has always been her buttocks’, but we never expected a full song, teaser, and hopefully video all about this big-ASS weapon… But thinking about the fact that the song has a featuring with Pitbull, it is not that surprising after all.


So yep there you have it, another one bites the “twerk-dust”, i guess there’s a lot of people out there already craving the full video to play it over and over and over again!

We are not sure  if Booty will be the 44-year-old singer’s next single from her new album, A.K.A. but we sure hope so!!!

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Jennifer Lopez linked to a Dancing with The Stars member. New man on sight?

It is not big news that the pop Diva, Jennifer Lopez CAN’T be alone for two seconds, she had confessed in the past her huge fear of being alone. Soooo with this being said, after her recent break up with dance Casper Smart, she seems to already set eyes on another hottie to warm her cold bed.

The rumors point out to Maksim Chmerkovskiy, a Dancing with The Stars cast member, whom are getting very close lately, more than just friends some say. But they also tell us that they met through their friend Leah Remini, while she was in the show they worked together at the American Music Awards and stayed in touch afterwards.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Val Chmerkovskiy Hosts Oil of Olay's "Get Lathered Up" Event at Liquid Pool in Las Vegas on June 27, 2013

A close source commented that they may announce their relationship anytime soon, we know Jenny and her fear of being alone, but who knows? Some people are already thrilled thinking on how good those two would look on the red carpet, knowing lil’ Miss Diva Lopez.

Ah love birds… let’s wait and see

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, the break up is real, they’re getting divorced!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have made their divorce official after almost 30 months together. Someone close to the couple expressed that this was actually done 2 months ago, but they both kept it on the low’ until this moment, we guess they were giving each other a little time but it didn’t work out… Awww too bad !

Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart

But the source keeps telling us that Lopez and Smart signed their divorce papers and all, turning out to be a very friendly happy ending!


We hope Jenny has enough time to mourn her break up while touring for her new album, and it seems it’s actually working in a positive way in her, concert goers said she was Amazing in her Bronx, NY presentation!

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