The Golden Globes’ Most Beautiful Dresses

We bring out 5 of The Golden Globes’ Most Beautiful Dresses wore by our female stars. Please check them out and give us your opinion.

Amy Adams dressesAmy Adams: The Award winner Amy Adams wore a blue Versace dress that matched with the color of her eyes. Amy Adams won the Golden Globes for the film “Big Eyes”. This is her second Golden Globes award. She received numerous Golden Globes, Academy and BAFTA Award nominations.

Kate Hudson dressesKate Hudson: You need to have a nice body to be able to wear the king of dresses wore by Kate Hudson! For the Golden Globes, she wore a white and sexy Versace dress. Kate Hudson won a Golden Globe and receiving several nominations, including one for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, for her role in Almost Famous.

Jane Fonda dressesJane Fonda: This Hollywood icon and two-time Academy Award winner always looks glamorous in the red carpet! For the 72nd Golden Globes, she wore a Red Versace dress.

Dakota Johnson dressesDakota Johnson: What a nice dress! She just looks amazing in this Chanel dress! Dakota Johnson was flashing from head-to-toe in the Golden Globes. Dakota Johnson is an American actress and model, best known for being cast in the lead role of Anastasia “Ana” Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey, set for release in 2015.

Diane Kruger  dressesDiane Kruger: The actress and former fashion model wore a silver dress created by Emilia Wickstead. Diane Kruger is known for roles such as Helen in Troy and she was ranked 50th on the Maxim Hot 100 Women in 2005.

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Would you wear these dresses?

Celebrities are always looking to get attention. Sometimes, they use fashion to attract the camera. Look the outfits of these stars and tell us if you think this is a fashion faux pas.

celebrity worst dresses

Lorde wore this black jumpsuit at the VMAs. What do you think of her jumpsuit? Will you arrive to a party dressed like Lorde?

Do you call this a dress? Well, in in my opinion, it looks more like Babydolls. But why not ask Jena Malone!

What to say about Lena’s dress? Maybe she tried to look like a greater flamingo!

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How To Wear A Two-Piece Set Like A Celebrity

What exactly is a two-piece set? It’s a simple concept, gaining popularity in celebrities and common folk alike. The set comes as a matching top and bottom and can be any style- a crop top, a tee, a skirt, pants, etc. There’s no wrong way to combine a two-piece set as long as you get the first part right—it has to match!

Its rising popularity is being seen on runways and celebrities in their casual, everyday wardrobe. Let’s check out some examples of celebrities rocking the fad.

Celebrity wearing two pieces set

Taylor Swift two piece set
Taylor Swift two piece set(Photo courtesy of InStyle)

The queen of style has been on a roll lately, from her killer new album to her general inability to do anything wrong in the world of fashion. Have you seen her new music video yet? Flawless outfits in every scene.

In this picture, she’s rocking her very own two piece set, a fad she’s been fond of over the last few months. The floral design paired with stylish heels was perfect for her summer in New York City.

Rihanna two piece set
Rihanna two piece set(Photo courtesy of VibeVixen)

Rihanna gives off the perfect ‘I don’t care’ vibe in this picture. Isn’t that what we all strive for—having an amazing sense of fashion, but seeming like we put absolutely no effort into the look? It’s like spending twenty minutes to get the perfect ‘I woke up like this’ hairdo.

Just like in Taylor’s picture, Rihanna paired her two-piece set with a sleek pair of heels for an effortlessly beautiful posh take on the style.

Selena Gomez two piece set
Selena Gomez two piece set(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)

Selena Gomez sort of looks like a perfect Disney princess in her two-piece set, even though this High School Musical princess is long gone from her days of kid films.

She’s wearing pants instead of a skirt in her two-piece set, but it looks just as perfect as the ladies in their skirts. With those colors, she’s sort of like a modern princess Jasmine, don’t you think?

Her two-piece choice is a good alternative to leggings or sweatpants when you want to relax but don’t want to dress down too much.

Mindy Kaling two piece setMindy Kaling two piece set(Photo Courtesy of PopSugar)

Despite the odd design, Mindy shows us that any figure can wear a two-piece set.

Ladies who are a little self-conscious about their weight don’t have to be nervous to show off a bit of skin. Take it from Mindy—this gorgeous fad looks just as good on any kind of body type.

Her outfit accentuates her gorgeous womanly curves in this picture. She pairs her set with heels and a well-done manicure to top off the look. Talk about a well put together outfit!

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The Evolution of Bollywood Fashion


Whether you’re thinking about Bollywood or fashion, you always tend to think about the other at some point because the two have always been so closely linked. Indian cinema has been as much about the clothes being worn by the stars as their acting and what’s going on up on the big screen, with many of India’s biggest names now more famous for their sense of style – and even their own range of clothing – than they are for their acting credentials that brought them into the public eye in the first place.

Fans have always been easily influenced in all walks of life, not just cinema. Football supporters are regularly seen wearing the same clothes as their idols or copying their hairstyles, while music lovers will attempt to replicate the look of their favourite popstars from a recent television appearance or from the music video for their latest single. However, there seems to be something that little bit more special about Bollywood and its fans, with the industry really starting to flourish around the time that the films started to be released in full colour.

This momentous time came in 1937 with the release of Kisan Kanya, and meant that film lovers weren’t just able to see performers for what they were – actors – but also as style icons, paying particular attention to what they were wearing and how amazing they looked. All of a sudden, those interested in watching Bollywood movies were now also interested in fashion and particular designers and their individual styles, dreaming of how they might look up on the big screen in one of their creations.

Bollywood or fashionAt that time the industry didn’t have that many dedicated fashion designers whose primary focus was to create the outfits for India’s biggest stars. Instead it was the role of the directors and producers to hand-select the garments from retailers and what they had available to them already and almost arriving on the set with the hope that they would fit the actors and actresses. Obviously, this was always going to be somewhat hit-or-miss, but it did identify a gap in the market for young Indian entrepreneurs with an eye for fashion and detail to form their own businesses and become tailors to the stars.

By the 1970s there were a wide variety of different hairstyles and outfits being worn on the streets of India, and Mumbai in particular (obviously it was still called Bombay at the time), where the industry developed originally. At the turn of the millennium actors and actresses – both establish and up and coming – were spending as much time, if not more, on their overall look as they would on learning their lines and any dance moves associated with the production, such was the newfound importance of fashion in the industry, and Indian life in general.

Today, Bollywood stars are viewed on the red carpet in the same light as Hollywood A-listers are in America and the west. Photographers and fans are everywhere looking to get a glimpse of the biggest stars and what they’re wearing. It’s highly probable that a Bollywood superstar is more likely to grace the front cover of a western magazine because of their sense of style, as opposed to their acting ability, such is the focus on fashion in modern Bollywood, and because it is still proving to be a tough ask for Indian films to crack Hollywood.

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Hilary Duff and her gorgeous NYC look!

Yup boys and girls, Mrs. Duff not only rock it on the studio!! She has style too!

This HOT HOT mama was rocking a floral romper while walking around Soho yesterday. We definitely loved her looks! But OMG look at those legs!! Toned up and ready!


She seemed a bit amazed or surprised, but we were in total awe at her gorgeous look!
Keep it trendy girl!


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What is going on with Katy Perry?!?

Bleached eyebrows, baby weave… this Metamorphosis / Extraterrestrial thing i going a bit too far perhaps…

This selfie was posted by Katy Perry on her Instagram yesterday, and we have to say… we’re surprised! She has revealed her alien inspired look, that asides from what we mentioned she also rocked long metallic nails.


Joining the bleaching fashion along with, Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner, whom rocked the trend for photo shoots. We would definitely hope that this strange beauty moment is for an editorial, but thinking about the fact that Miss Purrry changes style daily for her Roar singer, we really don’t know what to expect!

She has been wearing a slime green hair for a few months already, meaning she’s definitely not concerned about taking risks!

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Lupita Nyong’o takes our breath away with her look!

Lupita Nyong’o strikes again… with her jaw dropping look for the opening of the Maui Film Festival in Hawaii this past Wednesday.

lupe lupita


The Oscar winning actress showed her beautiful curves and flawless tri-colored body fit Calvin Klein, with which she had a tight competition with the amazing background of the sea. That wasn’t all gals and guys, she had an aqua clutch and strap-like heels to compliment her banging outfit! Did we almost really forget, that mani and pedi that go just right with her whole look!

Here you have it folks! This is how you rock the world of Fashion  and make it bend to your feet! Way to go Lupita!!

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Head-over-heels! Mariah Carey in a designer gown at a playground?

Is this fo’real?  I mean, I know it’s Mariah! But is there truly a need to be THIS MUCH DIVA?

After all she was just being Mariah Carey at a local Manhattan park this past Monday, where she was hanging out with her kids Moroccan and Monroe, wearing an Azzedine Alaia gown, with Karl Lagerfeld gloves to die for!



And this was just for a day out in the dirty, not-fashion-safe playground, she topped the outfit with high heels… she had to admit they were piercing the rubber mat!

Catching all eyes, Mariah got some fans to take a few pictures with her! ( This was an obvious attention seeking! Duh)

She sure is after that dollar’, way to promote herself and her horrible album, ops.. did i  just write that?  Truth is her sales are on the floor.. Way to get publicity girl, do what you do best.. just don’t die in the attempt!

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Rihanna’s 50’s burning HOT Outfit at CFDA Awards has everyone talkin’!!

Surprise surprise from Rihanna again caught at the CFDA awards where she was honored with the icon awards, but she showed up looking like this:




And obvious 50’s style of dress with A LOT TO SHOW! This gorgeous see through sparkling is a creation of Adam Selman.


She even twerked a bit for her hair stylist Yusef, whom uploaded this video after she got the award! And hey who wouldn’t celebrate!


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