Susan Boyle wants to work with Lady Gaga

The Britain’s Got Talent star, and number one in
world wide charts, Susan Boyle said recently that she wants a duet with
the Telephone singer. She declared herself a fan fan of her and her
outrageous outfits.

Boyle allegedly told the Daily Star: “Lady
GaGa is a wonderful artist and completely original. I like her costumes.
Love it” and she added “Yes, i’d love to do a duet with her, complete
with telephone hat too!”

While she is wanting to work in a duet
with GaGa, Boyle herself has recently been at the top of many artists
wish-lists of who they want to collaborate with. 50 Cent and US rockers
Rage Against the Machine have previously stated they want to duet with
the Scottish singer, and rapper Snoop Dogg has also hinted he wants to
team up with Boyle.

Snopp Dogg recently said the Boyle was a
‘great artist’ and hopefully wants to get her in the studio to lay down
some lyrics.

Boyle is apt to start working on her second album.
She declared: “I love recording. The recording studio is your own space,
it’s your bubble, it’s you and the music and the producer and engineer.
That’s when the real craft comes in and that’s how people get to hear
what you are really like. It is like my sanctuary.”

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