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Stormi Webster Shows Signs Of Patience In The Most Adorable Video

Stormi Webster

Stormi Webster looked adorable in one of the newest videos that was posted by Kylie Jenner. She showed patience and everyone loved her! See the video at the end of the article

How confident are you that your kids would have the patience of little Stormi Webster? After releasing and publishing her private video, Kylie Jenner went viral (again).

Popular diva and a megastar makeup mogul shared a super cute video with her fans on all of her social platforms. In this IG video, Kylie asked her daughter to stay put and not to eat any candy that was placed in a bowl right in front of her. She told her that she could have three pieces as soon as she got back from the bathroom!

This little trend has been quite popular on TikTok recently, and almost every other parent has tried it with their kid, as well as their little siblings.

Not that many kids have shown the strength and the patience of little Stormi. Almost every other one or two-year-old would have eaten the candy, but that wasn’t the case with Kylie’s baby girl!

In fact, Stormi was quite precious and cute in the video, where she kept on saying “patience, patience” to herself. This helped her prevent herself from eating all the candy until her mommy came back!

Kylie was so proud in the end, and she rewarded her with three pieces of candy!

So, what do you think of this viral story and this TikTok trending video?

A) It is quite impressive to see how a billionaire has raised her child in such a lovely way. All props go to Kylie, she is an amazing mother and not that many kids would be as polite as Stormi.

B) I wasn’t really touched with the entire video, and I don’t find it to be as impressive. I also think that almost any other two-year-old would behave the same way.

Let us know your thoughts down below!

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