Duchess Camilla, Bella Hadid, and More Celebrities scream for ice cream


I scream for ice cream; you scream for ice cream, these celebrities scream for ice cream! None is best than sometimes partaking in ice cream, particularly when temperature increases and those celebrities can not agree anymore.

For instance, the Bella Hadid model walked down the street with just a cup of Kith ice cream throughout tow that during New York City outing in July 2017. Although the institution is somewhat primarily remembered for selling expensive sneakers and athletic wear, the retailer also offers ice cream, milkshakes, and desserts.

Around the world, as during royal’s tour to UK’s Isle of Wight in July 2018, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and pal Judi Dench snacked on identical ice cream cones.

The duchess, as it points out, is quite a slang of ice cream. She also had the pleasure of nibbling mostly on frozen treat throughout a UK interaction. In July 2012, with his partner Prince Charles. The royal couple requested vanilla cones to suit but enjoyed them using spoons not to create a spill. How gifted!

Read down for seeing Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Garner, and much more renowned faces who scream for ice cream!

Sonja Morgan

New York City star’s Real Housewives also screamed for ice cream and bought the sweet treat when out and about within June 2020 throughout the Big Apple in the middle of the raging coronavirus epidemic. The Bravo celebrity, who feasted on a cone with some caramel ice cream, carried a face mask also for a date, posting a snapshot of herself with her treat on Instagram. “These are the little things in life,” she captioned the photo. “I love #NYC.”

Jenny McCarthy

In August 2019, the Masked Singer judge looked incredible as she was pictured wearing a green bikini top and eating an ice cream cone while sitting on a raft throughout the flamingo pool.

Joe Biden

The veteran vice president and current presidential nominee is a self-professed lover of ice cream, and it’s no wonder he snacked on a delicious treat throughout a New Hampshire campaign event in July 2019.

Anne Hathaway

Eating right on the job! The Ocean’s 8 stars were captured in November 2018 solemnly staring at an ice cream cone when shooting a scene for the New York City Amazon TV drama, Contemporary Love.

Duchess Camilla and Judi Dench

As during Royal’s visit to Isle of Wight in July 2018, the wife of the future king of England and the Victoria & Abdul star conversed and feasted on matching ice cream cones.

Sienna Miller

Popsicle is everything! While wandering around New York City in May 2018, the sensational star nibbled on a frozen dessert.

Ben Affleck

In May 2018, the Gone Girl sensation grabbed a bruce-sized bite of its ice cream cone in Santa Monica.

Rod Stewart

The crooner would be all smiling when on holiday in Rome in May 2018, as he enjoyed his dessert.

Julianne Hough

At “The greatest city in the world” in Anaheim, California, in April 2018, the veteran Dancing With the Star professional kept it calm.

Rose McGowan

During March 2018, the captivated alum had two flavored syrups to focus on in Rome.

Ariel Winter

In December 2017, the Modern Family member kept a close eye on the soft scream for ice cream at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Elizabeth Olsen

During a shopping day in Los Angeles, the Ingrid Goes West celebrity handled herself to anything delicious in December 2017.


The “Hey! “The musician’s fudge-topped ice cream cup stick a massive happy face during a November 2017 Los Angeles trip.

Charlie Puth

He stood by with an ice cream scoop in hand when the “Attention” musician toured the Hits 97.3, radio station headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in July 2017.

Bella Hadid

In July 2017, the woman, who was adorned out in a unique black and red outfit, walked across New York City with a scoop of ice cream in tow. Her reward came via Kith, a famous shop that also sells shoes and athletic clothing.

Jennifer Garner

The model had their hands full when she was snapped in Los Angeles, carrying 3 cups of ice cream in September 2016. We have a gut feeling that her children — Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel Affleck — those sweets may have been for her.

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