Sorry Ms Carter? Jay Z’s mistress makes a song for Beyonce?! Seriously?!

All we have to say through the whole song, is ooooooooooooooooooh giiiiirl that gotta burn! Ice ice ice, is what Yonce needs! Because remember the other day when Bey changed the letter of her song, to actually make it make sense and kinda throw shade at Jay for his cheating ass?

Well, it all seems that one’,  yeah one of Jay’s mistresses actually made an open letter to Beyonce, tittled Sorry Ms. Carter… have listen to it and pay very close attention:


Wow, not only she dresses her down with blunt forced truth, but she also uses references of Yonce’s own songs to diss her!
Well well well, let’s see what comes out of this, we can’t wait for Bey to speak!

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