Sneak peek of Broadway’s U2- powered Spider-Man

After months of serious struggle to make this happen, it is now a reality. We’re talking about the upcoming Spider-Man musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark,” whose music has been created exclusively by U2’s Bono and The Edge.

This Friday 10, the musicians along with the director Julie Taymor –who actually won a Tony Award for her job behind the Broadway’s version of Disney’s The Lion King- introduced a magnificent preview of the play on Good Morning America.

“Post 9/11, this idea of everyone being capable of being a hero kind of caught our imaginations and we didn’t want to go about it in an earnest way. But it’s a mythological character, a New Yorker called Peter Parker,” said Bono.

“It’s a combination of what is visceral, real tactile theater mixed with high technology with flying that’s never been done before over the audience,” Taymor revealed. “They fly, they have battles over the audience, they land on balconies. If you’re sitting on the balcony, you get a good show; you get as good a show as down on the floor. We’re in their face.”

The director also highlighted the very intimate character of the music used on the play: “So when Bono and Edge wrote these songs, they were very personal,” she admits. “The lyrics are so moving and deep because they actually have personal meaning to them. We all connect.”

Tickets go on sale for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark at the Foxwoods Theatre beginning Sunday at 9 a.m. ET via Ticketmaster. The musical previews on Nov. 14 in time for the holiday season, and opening night is officially scheduled for Dec. 21.

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