Sheryl Crow’s priorities ‘have changed since she became a mum’

Crow, 48, also revealed that she now no longer wakes up nursing a hangover, instead she is busy Googling each city on the itinerary ahead of arrival, to plan the family’s day.

“Touring is a very different thing for me now. I’m much calmer, much less … debauched would be the wrong word. I was never debauched, but I did like a smoke and a drink,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted her as saying.

“These days, I’m lucky if I end the evening with a glass of wine. But then I travel with my children now. My priorities have changed.

“So it’s parks, aquariums, museums in the morning. Then lunch, a nap for them, soundcheck for me, dinner all together, and then I tuck them into their bunks before going on stage.

“As soon as the show is over, I’m back on the bus, and to sleep – hopefully,” she added. 

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