Seal gets into “Ugly” Twitter feud

During the past months, celebrity twits have generated tons of news. This one is not an exception. Apparently an anonymous Twitter user twitted “Seal is ugly” and also accusing him of being a “cowardice.”

The British musician, who is also married to super gorgeous Heidi Klum, didn’t wait a long time to get back to this person: “Let me see, the most beautiful wife on the planet, four equally beautiful kids, an outstanding career lasting 20 years, a Grammy this year now totaling 5. You, on the other hand, sit behind your vail (sic) of anonymity with no life other than Twitter and you think I’m ugly? Do the math p**ck.” He continues: “What pisses me off about the Internet is cowardice! The truth is that I may walk past that p**ck in the street and he wouldn’t even have the sack to look me in the eye. When people say derogatory and spiteful, personal attacks on me, my children will eventually see that and THAT I WILL NOT HAVE!  I will attack those who threaten their innocence.”

Seal was also very clear while addressing the bullying issue: “Do you honestly think that someone who has the life I lead cares what anyone says? What about those without the luxury of thick skin? I’ll tell you what happens, they end up committing suicide because someone at school told them they were ugly! My issue is with non-accountability!”

How do feel about Seal’s reaction towards the disrespectful Twitt?

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