Scarlett Johansson to play a sexual predator in her next film

The hot-bodied actress is very well known for her acting prowess as well as her curvy body. She will turn her famous body into a weapon of mass destruction for ‘Under the Skin’ (sci-fi drama). The film is the brain child of writer-director Jonathan Glazer. This movie will show Scarlett taking her sexuality to another level.  The actress is going to play the role of a sexy alien seductress in the new movie.

As per reliable sources, Johansson will play the role of an alien on earth that is disguised as the perfect aesthetic form of a beautiful woman. The woman bodied alien roams across deserted roads and remote highways to grab human prey. So what’s the snare of her choice?  No prizes for guessing it’s her sexuality.  Soon after she starts to feel like human beings, which does not go down too well with her alien peers. What ensues is a battle of resolve between herself and her own kind. This movie will try to give the audience a view of the human culture through the eyes of an alien.

Glazer has co-written the script of this upcoming movie with  Walter Campbell and the shooting will start from late 2011. ‘Under the Skin’ is surely a film worth watching because of its jaw dropping visual effects and off course Scarlett Johansson.

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