Sam Worthington Secretly Married Lara Bingle, Calls Her ‘Wife’ in Paparazzo Video

lara bingle and sam worthington


If you’ve been following the news on Sam Worthington, you already know that he was arrested after punching a photographer in NYC some days ago. The photog was arrested too, and later they were both charged with assault and released. In his defense, the ‘Avatar‘ star claimed he acted in defense of girlfriend Lara Bingle, and that the photog had kicked her.

Following the altercation, a video surfaced online and it does not support Worthington and Bingle’s side of the story. It appears that they instigated the photo in some way, although it’s not 100% sure as the footage mostly focuses on the ground. But you can hear what went on. Video is featured below.

But the fight between the couple and photog also reveals that the 37-years-old actor and the 26-years-old model are secretly married. Sam can be heard yelling “You want to fucking kick my wife!?

Celebuzz also points out that the couple was wearing wedding rings during a recent stroll.

Here’s the video of the incident, courtesy of Page Six. You can see and hear Lara yelling at the photog “Stop following me” then she walks towards the guy and he tells her “don’t touch me”. After she walks away, you can hear him saying “she assaulted me”.

Warning: the video contains a lot of F-bombs.

At his arraignment hearing on Monday, the photographer’s lawyer said: “He was on the job taking pictures and Ms. Bingle got upset and ran half way up the block and attacked him. Her large famous boyfriend ran up and punched him four times in the face and Worthington doesn’t even get charged.”

The video seems to backup that story.

lara and sam married lara and sam

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