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Rihanna: Victim Of Death Hoax

Rihanna is the latest celebrity victim of those dreadful death hoaxes.

One day after the fake report about Russell Brand‘s death, a photoshooped fake article hit the web announcing that the “Umbrella” singer has died.

Rihanna photos!

The phony message announced that RiRi was found dead in her Los Angeles home after she “sunk into and [alcohol-induced] coma before succumbing to a heart attack”, Gossip Cop reports.

Fans, don’t believe everything you read!

Rihanna is alive and well and the only issue she’s having is insomnia.

“It’s 430 am and I’m up like an idiot! Can’t sleep! Whyyyyyyy????!!!”, she tweeted just hours ago.

What do you think about these awful pranks?

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