“Rage against the machine” vs. Factor X

The Surprising successively of Rage Against the Machine’s hit came thanks to a facebook campaign that wanted to prevent the winner of the The X Factor TV show from achieving Christmas number one slot in the UK Singles Chart for the fifth year running.

Now even the big celebrities are giving their support to the cause. The past day Paul McCartney declared that “If he (Joe McElderry) goes to number one then good luck to him. He’s just some kid with a career ahead. I’ve got nothing against that, but it would be kind of funny if Rage Against The Machine got it Because it would prove a point. “

Guitarist Tom Morello said that the internet campaign “tapped into the silent majority of the people in the UK who are tired of being spoon-fed one schmaltzy ballad after another”. The group are honored that “our song they’ve chosen to be the rebel anthem to try to topple the X Factor monopoly.”

And now Rage Against the Machine hits the headlines again after they presented their song live on BBC Radio 5 without accepting the demands of the chain to remove the swear words in the song. The BBC had to apologize publicly after the song abruptly cut the controversial closing bars of the song.

The scandal provoked by the group is just one more push toward the top of the charts.

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