Pete Doherty and his self-destructive lifestyle

We can imagine a day on Pete Doherty’s life: wild parties, complacent ladies, alcohol, drugs and rock and roll ashes…dark memories of the rock star that he used to be back in the day.

However to keep up to this kind of lifestyle, a very good health and a powerful bank account are very much needed.

At this point, Doherty’s health is responding accordingly, which is definitely great news. But apparently we cannot say the same about his financial department. Pete had reportedly moved to a small apartment in order to save some cash, as apparently he couldn’t afford anymore his previous crib.

The apartment is located in Camden Town, a London charismatic area full of artist and bohemian joins, where apparently Pete is playing for a very little money just to get through the monthly bills.

A close source to the artist revealed to British paper The Sun: “Pete is completely broke. He’s found this squalid pad and he’s doing shows for any cash landlords will offer.”

Anyway, the end of this tunnel could be close as it has been rumored that the rocked could receive a total of $2 million upfront to be part of the show reunion for The Libertines that would take place during the festivals in Leeds and Reading. Good luck Pete!

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