Ozzy Osbourne confesses his regrets about having their own reality TV Show

Legenday Ozzy Osbourne has recently opened up about his experience as a TV reality show star for

He confesses that, even though the MTV show was good to boost his popularity, it had a high price for him and his family, as the pressure was too much to handle:

“You go to bed one day and you wake up [the next day] and the world’s completely different. Everywhere there’s fucking cameras, you get attacked by the fucking things,” The show is one of the most successful that MTV had produced, and it ran from 2002 until 2005.

Osbourne continues: “The kids couldn’t handle it, my wife couldn’t handle it: she had colon cancer,” he explained. “On the one hand it was phenomenal, on the other hand I had to watch my family [suffer]. But we invented a new form of television. We started the ball rolling for all these fucking new shows now. Would we do it again? I dunno. I don’t think so.”


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