“Oscar” buzz for Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has been pretty busy this weekend. The singer and actor has brought “sexy back” to this year’s edition of the New York Film Festival, as one of his latest movies “The Social Network” has been premiered at the prestigious event.

The movie tells the story of the Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and how the whole process went down. Timberlake plays the role of Napster creator Sean Parker and his acting has already generated the best reviews.

Such is the impact created around Timberlake’s work, that there’s already a Facebook group asking for an Oscar nomination for the talented actor: “Nominate ‘The Social Network’ Star Justin Timberlake for an Oscar!”

Timberlake admitted at the Festival that he is not very into the Social Medial himself: “I’m ridiculously stupid when it comes to social networking.” When asked about his latest Internet obsessions, he ironically admitted to be “three years clean [from the Internet],” which begs for the question: Who’s been tweeting for you dear Justin.

The anticipated movie will hit Theaters on October 1.

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