Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber fist fight?! Choose your team!

Well babes and boys seems that finally someone in Hollywood just can’t take Bieber’s BS’s! Since both of these two gentleman’ ( If we can call Justin that?!) were partying early today Wednesday in Ibiza t Cipriani restaurant, when they strangely ran into each other.

And this seems to be an old penging task on Orlando’s To Do list, since waaaay back Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr divorced, she was spotted flirting VERY VERY Intensely with Justin Bieber.

BUT!!! A couple of months down the road ORLANDO was spotted hanging out with Selena Gomez. Unlike Bloom who didn’t do much back when Biebs hung out with his GF , well Justin decided he would speak up, screaming to Orlando:

‘What up, bitch?’

Mr. Bloom might have been ok with Bieber hanging out with Kerr, but after both of these guys exchanged words the conversation got a bit heated and it ended up in Bloom PUNCHING Justin!!!! We have a small video provided by TMZ:

OUCH! While the pop singer feared for his money making face Justin Bieber flew the scene, because after all he’s all talk and no play. He even posted a picture of Miranda, which he quickly deleted… Bieber go home you fufu lame kid… !

We’re not sure if this all had to do with the girls Selena and Miranda, but all we gotta say is if it was, Orlando got some back! hahaha

We figured we’d have to wait a bit to find out. Stay updated via your fave social network!

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[Image Sources: PR Photos / Internet / TMZ ]

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