NYC patient being tested for coronavirus is a visitor from China.

NYC patient being tested for coronavirus is a visitor from China

Talking about the latest news, the latest passenger from China came to New York and has been tested in New York for coronavirus, and he is the eight-person who has been diagnosed in America and Canada. According to news around 304 people have died till now.

The news is confirmed from reliable sources that he is in a good and stable condition and the government of America is putting everyone in the quarantine zone. There is no confirmed detail about the person who he is but according to information he is around 40 years old and he was on holiday in New York and he has no family members in this city.  

Bellevue Hospital in New York City where suspect of Coronavirus is under treatment
The patient is being treated at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.

According to the mayor of New York, the person has been checked and he has some of the similar symptoms like pneumonia which is exactly like the symptoms of coronavirus but nothing Extreme. According to the year, if he will be tested positive for coronavirus, then every New York citizen will be told right away. 

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed Patient is suffering from symptoms of Coronavirus.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed Patient is suffering from symptoms of Coronavirus.

He said that everybody in New York should do exactly what they were doing in the past without any scare. Governor of New York has confirmed, eight people have been diagnosed in America and the latest case from New York shows that it is spreading around, but we are prepared for it according to the Governor. 

According to the mayor of New York, one Boston college student has been diagnosed positive and he has been put in the quarantine. According to the mayor, the student has not met any of his family members so there is a guarantee that the virus has not spread around.

Boston public health commissioner said that we are doing our best to not only protect the people but also to make this patient recover. The very next day, when he landed in Boston, he has been in isolation. 

health officials from NYC talking about Coronavirus in New York City
The health officials said at the press conference that it will take at least 36 to 48 hours to determine whether the patient tests positive to coronavirus.

Two cases also have been reported in New York, where it is the first time when the disease has spread from one person to the other in the US. 

This is the reason Trump’s government has declared that no foreign national will be coming to America if he is coming from China. According to the Trump government, they are making every decision in hand to protect the people of America. 

TSA has installed a law in which all the passengers who are coming to US should be asked that they have traveled in mainland China in the last 14 days. All the airlines in the US are following this protocol. If they have traveled to mainland China, then they should re-book their ticket and go from other big airports like the John f Kennedy and Illinois airports and even Honolulu.

DHS in America has confirmed, they also have medical treatment and tests in the local and international authorities to see that if any employee has been infected because of the Coronavirus. The representative confirmed that, all the passengers coming are getting the screening, if they are infected, then they will be put in the quarantine zone and if there is no positive result, then they will be sent back to their home. 

U.S. & Canada test for cases of Coronavirus.

According to Pentagon, there has been a request in which they asked that please give us the accommodation for at least 300 people till 29th February. The Defense Department will be responsible for the housing, but health services will be providing transportation. For military location has also been selected in this matter if there is any need. According to the experts, the worst has not started yet.

China is facing very big isolation from the rest of the world because of the Coronavirus and because of this virus has spread around two dozen countries, every country is stopping the flights from and to China and Russia has also closed down the border with China. Because of this, China has also increased its quarantine measures especially when America has decided that it will stop all the individuals who have traveled to China in the last 14 days.

This epidemic has made a different country and halt the flights and because of that, there is a slow down of the economy. 

14550 cases worldwide of coronavirus

The world health organization said one week ago that the public health emergency international and because of that, the traveler restriction is not needed. But Singapore and the United States have said that they will ban foreign national people who are coming from China even though the world health organization is saying something else. 

Australia is also a country that is saying that they will deny entry of the foreign nationals working from China. Flights from New Zealand and we have canceled flights to mainland China. 

All the three major flights from the USA will be canceled from Friday due to the threat of coronavirus.

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