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Nick Jonas & Pharrell Future ‘American Idol’ Judges?

Forget all about the initial list of candidates, because two new names are rumored to be the future ‘American Idol‘ judges.

Now that Jennifer Lopez was replaced by Mariah Carey, rumor has it Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson will be replaced by Nick Jonas and Pharrell Williams.

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US Weekly reports that “Nick is pretty close to signing to be the Idol judge. They flew him in to L.A last week for final meetings”, a source said.

Nick Jonas photos!

As for the N.E.R.D rapper, “everything is looking good, but they’re still working out details”, another source told press.

Pharrell Williams photos!

I can see this happening, Jonas and Pharrell as the new “American Idol” judges. Get them aboard!

Would you like to see Nick Jonas and Pharrell Williams joining ‘American Idol’?

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