New Jimi Hendrix’s song

The track will be officially released on February 2nd and its part of a compilation of the same name that will hit the street on March 9th. The disc will be part of the 40th anniversary of his death.

“Before he became a musician, Jimi wanted to be an artist,” said Jimi’s sister. The album will also feature some paintings created by Hendrix in high school. “He went through a phase doing watercolors at school and this was one of the 110 drawings of his that our father kept. When I saw this one he did in 1957, it screamed ‘Valleys of Neptune’ to me so we knew we’d use it for this project.” she added. The cover art on the disc uses one of the Hendrix’s painting with a photo taken by Linda Eastman, the former Paul Macartney wife.

Valleys will also contain re-recorded versions of “Fire,” “Red House” and “Stone Free,” as well as unreleased tracks like “Lullaby for the Summer,” “Crying Blue Rain” and “Ships Passing Through the Night”. In addition to Valleys, on March 9th the hree Jimi Hendrix Experience’s albums and the 1997 comp First Rays of the Rising Sun will be reissued as CD/DVDs.

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