Is Naya Rivera trying to be Kim Kardashian or WHAT?!?!

It is hard being a celeb, and there’s actually levels to that. Kim Kardashian proved it with her now succesful online game app, that to be on the A list’ there’s a LOT of climbing to do.

But that doesn’t mean you NEED to copy someone else, and try to shine through this other person, which is what we can clearly see happening to Naya Rivera, who has now an obvious obsession with Kim’s style, selfies, hair color even her pap’ shots are being copied.. girl this is too much!

And you know it is about time that we call out these “coincidences” that have been going for way too long now, like for us not to say anything… I’ll leave you the pictures to prove it right here, you be the judge!


And if you don’t want to admit it after all this, my friend you ARE in denial! Naya.. poor Naya, babe you are too gorgeous to try to get famous by coping someone, plus no one likes a copy cat.. they like the real thing.. unless of course if it’s silicone! HA!

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[ Image sources: PR Photos / Internet ]

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