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Miley Cyrus spoke to her dead dog ‘Floyd through a Celebrity Pet Psychic? SAY WHAAAT?

OK! Just as if Miley Cyrus couldn’t get any weirder… I mean she has posted pictures of herself NAKED in bed with 4 dogs.. O.0

Creepy or nah? I think so, any ways back to the subject of matter, TMZ posted a video yesterday about a psychic talking about how Miley contacted her dead dog and the conversation they had, we’ll leave you the video so you tell us how freaky is that!

The “Adore You” singer can’t seem to let Floyd Cyrus go… she keeps posting pictures regarding him, perhaps some fans say she may be going through a phase and that’s why she’s acting so weird lately, trying to mask her pain.

We do understand that people get to love a pet just like a son or daughter, but chill Miley Chill….

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