Michael Fassbender & Jared Leto Taking Their Moms To The Oscars

Michael Fassbender Oscar date


Michael Fassbender‘s Oscar date? None other than his mom. The Best Supporting Actor nominee for his role in ‘12 Years a Slave‘ won’t be taking girlfriend Madalina Ghenea to the 2014 Academy Awards, RTE reports.

Fassbender is reportedly flying his parents from Ireland to be by his side for the biggest awards ceremony of the year.

[Michael’s] parents are on their way from Kerry. He has been seeing model Madalina Ghenea recent months but won’t be walking the red carpet with her,” a source claims.

He isn’t the only nominee who ditched his girlfriend in favor of his mom. Fellow Best Supporting Actor nominee Jared Leto will also be walking the red carpet with his mom,  Constance.

The ‘Dallas Buyers Club‘ star previously discussed his humble upbringing and said that taking his mom to red carpet events is his way of thanking her: ”We were born very poor and into pretty humble surroundings. My mother always wanted to do something better with her life and for her children. She was a dreamer and a worker. The biggest lesson she taught me was to dream and then to do the work that it takes to make dreams a reality. It has been fun to bring her around. The best part of these opportunities to stand up and say something is to be able to thank the people who have believed in you for so long. I could spend every single one of these events thanking my mother. She’s the best.”

Do you wanna know who else is taking him mom to the Oscars on Sunday? Bradley Cooper. The actor, who is nominated for his role in ‘American Hustle’, will take his mom to the main event, and hit the after parties with girlfriend Suki Waterhouse.

I wonder if Jonah Hill and Barkhad Abdi are also bringing their moms. It would be cute to see all five Best Supporting Actor nominees walking the red carpet with their moms.

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What do you think of the nominees’ Oscar dates?

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