MIA posts track agains journalist

The singer is attacking NyTimes journalist Lynn Hirschberg trough her web. The star, previously published Hirschberg’s phone number after apparently taking offence to an article she had written about her. Now the new attack comes in a form of a single, the track ‘I’m A Singer’ on her site. She also tweeted: “TO MY FANS HERES THE TRUFFF, A SONG, AND THE LINKS TO WHAT REALLY MATTERS.”

The lyrics of the song say: “Why the hell would a journalist be thick as shit” and “You can talk shit to me I’m used to it/You make me hard with the wounds that I have to lick/You can pick on me and I can see it at a click”.

In the article Hirschberg talks about her links to Sri Lanka, her visa problems in the US and her family. M.I.A.  promised to publish her version of the article on her homepage but instead she posted the song. It is not Hirschberg’s first difference of opinion with one of her subjects, she infamously got on Courtney Love’s bad side following a 1992 Vanity Fair piece on the singer.

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