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Marilyn Manson Is Thinking About Becoming A Father

Looks like Marilyn Manson has baby fever!

The “Disposable Teens” rocker revealed that he is thinking about becoming a father someday, People reports:

“My girlfriend Lindsay’s twin just had a baby and I’ve started to think that maybe I wouldn’t mind passing my demented genius on to some small thing who can set fire and breath profanity.”

Marilyn Manson lyrics!

Manson, who seems to be all about family these days, also spoke about his friendship with Johnny Depp who is “like a brother” to him.

Did you know they have matching tattoos? They do.

“We have matching tattoos on our back – Charles Baudelaire, the flowers of evil, this giant skeleton thing. It’s kind of a secret. People say to us, ‘Why did you get that?’ And we say, ‘No reason.'”, he revealed.

Do you think Marilyn Manson would make a great dad?

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