Marie Osmond Refuses To Leave Money To Her Children, Why?

Marie Osmond

Should families stick together? Is Marie Osmond doing the right thing by not wanting to split and share her wealth with her family members? Keep reading to know why and don’t forget to answer the questions at the end of the article.

To each their own, as some would say! The singer Marie Osmond was a guest on a talk show not too long ago, where she made a statement that shocked everyone. The singer, at the age of 60, refuses to leave any money to her children.

She is aging and is not becoming any younger, which means that she has to come up with a will regarding her money.

However, why is she choosing not to give it to her closest ones? Well, she explains that the worst thing that you can do is leave your entire fortune to your children, especially if they are capable and able to work. Rich families often leave millions to their children, who just end up living off of their hard-earned money. Also, some kids end up not knowing how to deal with money, and they end up having trouble spending it wisely.

Marie Osmond's Children

The singer won’t split her richness into 7 parts among her closest ones, and in fact, she is planning on giving her lifesaving to a charity of her own choice.

What do you think about this decision? Do you find it ‘normal’ and you see nothing wrong with it, or do you think that it is an insane call?

A) I would also leave my savings to a charity. They need it the most.

B) Parents should always look up for their children and should always think of them in every scenario.

C) I’m not too sure how to feel or think about this. I might split it into two equal shares.

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