Lindsay Lohan Getting Plastic Surgery To Remove ‘Double Chin’?

Lindsay Lohan at 'Scary Movie V' Los Angeles Premiere


Lindsay Lohan is once again the target of tabloids, this time not for drunk driving or speeding or court appearances, but because of a series of mean remark made in regards to her looks (which are just fine btw).

Star magazine claims “Lindsay Lohan is looking to take the easy way out when it comes to her booze-bloated face” and goes on to allege that the “Mean Girls” star will be getting liposuction to remove her “unsightly double chin.” That is so rude!

The tabloid also features a rude joke: “Looks like the turkey won’t be the only thing at her Thanksgiving with a wattle!

Of course this is just a rude rumor started to stir up controversy. Gossip Cop immediately blasted the report, with a rep for LiLo stating that the plastic surgery rumor is “ludicrous”.

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Lindsay Lohan at Golden Globes Weinstein Company Afterparty Lindsay Lohan at 'Liz & Dick' Los Angeles Premiere

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