Lindsay Lohan crazy train’s … the party is not over yet!

It seems that social media has made life easier on many of us reporters and bloggers since celebrities bring out the best of them and even the worts. This time hollywood  star  has been posting her party experience back in Cannes, where she arrived last Saturday from England for the Cannes Film Festival.


A topless picture with a friend, @mannyuk , playing truth or dare with Cara Delavigne and Rita Ora.. i think we have seen all from Lohan, all we would like to say is that this guy Manny should be careful, since last time Lindsay Lohan posted pictures like this with a friend he got ran over… So… long life to your friendship!

CaraRita Mannyuk ManU

Tell us what you think about Lindsay Lohan’s behavior this past weeked, I mean it’s no surprise but we’d love to hear from you!

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