Lil Wayne returns to stage

Rapper Lil Wayne is thrilled to finally be out of jail and he is more than ready to take on a new life. And I guess that the best adjustment therapy for the artist is to get back to the stage, where he belongs. That’s exactly what he did last Saturday in Las Vegas.

His friend Drake, who was giving a concert at the Sin City’s Hard Rock Café, invited Wayne to jump on the stage with him to perform together “Miss Me.”

Once Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, hit the stage, the audience went literally crazy. Lil Wayne opened up the performance with the following greeting: “I’m fresh from my vacation. I swear to God ain’t nothing, nothing, nothing like home.”

Later on, Drake described how he felt when he received Wayne’s first phone call after being released from jail:  “It was from a number I never seen in my life. All I heard was, ‘Yo, I got a new number. It’s Weezy.’ I said, ‘Man, it’s great to hear your voice on a regular line.’ “

It’s all about new beginnings for Wayne. Now, do you think he will be a good boy from now on?

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