Lady Gaga presents a cuntersuit

Last week Rob Fusari filed a $30 million law suite against Gaga, claiming that he was owed royalties and merchandising fees after allegedly creating the name Lady Gaga and co-writing four tracks that eventually appeared on The Fame.

The answer from the diva was presented as a lawsuit of her own, claiming she was tricked into singing a deal with her ex-collaborator and ex-boyfriend Rob Fusari that provided him with “unlawful compensation.”

In her countersuit Gaga says that the contract she signed with Fusari was illegal because it was “structured in such a way as to mask its true purpose — to provide to the defendants unlawful compensation for their services as unlicensed employment agents.”

Things got ugly. Fusari’s lawyer said, “Rob was no more of an ‘agent’ for her than she is a Roman Catholic nun.”

In response to queries, a rep for the singer said: “We intend to let this play out in the courtroom, not the media.”

According to Rolling Stones Magazine the third co-writer on The Fame bonus track “Disco Heaven,” Gaga’s former bassist and Fusari associate Tommy Kafafian, also says he hasn’t received any royalty payments from the track, but as of now has no plans to sue Gaga. “I don’t wanna sue anybody. It’s really not my style,” Kafafian.

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