Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber: The first You Tube Billionaires!

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have hit another landmark on their short yet productive careers: both artists have obtained one billion views each on You Tube.

This is the research date: As of the end of February, Gaga has averaged 2.53 million views a day, while Bieber has been averaging an astonishing 3.83 million views per day. It’s insane.

To put this numbers into perspective, Kanye West averages less than 200,000 views per day, and the next most viewed video artist is Michael Jackson at 600 million. Anyway I don’t think the comparison with Micheal Jackson is fair, as throughout the longest part of his career, You Tube didn’t exist, and those kids –Gaga and Justin- belong to the You Tube generation.

Anyhow, those kids –as I said before- have yet again astonished the world with their talent. Great job!


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