Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic| Kylie Jenner stay at home tips

Kylie Jenner stay at home tips

After the coronavirus epidemic spread across the globe, the celebrity Kylie Jenner has contacted her surgeon and got some guidance from him. She said that even though I have been doing my part still he encourages me to do so. Let’s find out the stay at the home tips from Kylie Jenner. She sent out the video on social media in which she told some tips for the people around during the corona epidemic.

She started the video by saying, happy self-quarantine.

Kylie is a very famous celebrity, especially in young people. She is a social media sponsor. And highly stepping up to the challenge of social distancing.

Coronavirus is a real thing. She said please stay inside the home and practice social distancing. 

If you are living with your parents then you should not go to their home and have self-quarantine. Because you might have it and don’t know about it and you might make them sick. 

The only way to solve this problem is to do our part because there is no cure by now. 

Nobody is immune to this even the millennials. 

She also gave some insights about the things she did when she went into hiding during her pregnancy.

When I was pregnant then I did something which I never told anyone in the past.

I stayed at home because of the pregnancy and I didn’t let myself bore. 

I watched movies I read books and I did everything. I did a full spa.

Took long Baths.  I even solved the puzzles. I took care of my skin I took care of my hair. 

In the last week of my pregnancy, I did more puzzles to make myself not bore. 

She said that staying at home can also be fun. You can enjoy with your children. Cook with them, make them play with you.

She also that, you should watch the West world show which is present on HBO if you already haven’t seen it. At the end of the video, she said treat me about what you are doing. We do this together.

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