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Kristen Stewart Bullied By “Trampire” T-Shirt

Ever since Kristen Stewart‘s affair with married director Rupert Sanders was discovered, the actress has been getting slammed by a lot of people, including ‘Twilight‘ fans, and most recently by an online retailer as well.

Kristen Stewart Apologizes For Cheating On Robert Pattinson With Married Director

Skreened presents Kristen Stewart haters with a series of T-shirts that read: “Kristen Stewart Is A Trampire”, “Kristen Stewart F***ing Sucks”, “I Wanna Take A Dump On Kristen Stewart” or “F*** Kristen Stewart”.

Because why not cease the moment when the world hates on this girl for cheating on Robert Pattinson and make some money out of it?!

Sure, cheating is wrong, even more wrong when the man you are cheating with is married and has two kids, but that doesn’t make those tees any less offensive.

The messages are cruel and this is nothing but a way of bullying Stewart. Let’s hope fans know better than to buy and wear something that reads “I Wanna Take A Dump On Kristen Stewart”.

What do you think of the “Trampire” and “Kristen Stewart F***ing Sucks” T-shirts?

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