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Kim Kardashian More Famous Than Angelina, Gwyneth & Jen Aniston?

Kim Kardashian, who recently mocked Paris Hilton‘s sex tape, seems to have completly forgotten about how she became famous, as well as what she is most famous for because she allegedly claimed she is more famous than  Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow…wait for it…combined!

Radar Online features a juicy report about how Kim told her friends that she believes she has more star power than those 3 Hollywood A-listers.

“I’m more famous than Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow combined”, Kim allegedly said.

Really, does she really believe that and says it out loud too?

Kardashian, who is now a successful Reality TV star, business woman, fashion designer and perfumista, came to the public’s attention in 2007 due to a sex tape featuring her and then boyfriend Ray J.

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However, I’m guessing Jolie has no idea who Kim is, Aniston either. Maybe Gwyneth yes because she is friends with Beyonce and Jay-Z, who are Kanye West‘s good friends. And Kanye dates Kim. You get the picture.

This will probably get Kim K even more backslash. She was previously called a “f*cking idiot” by John Hamm and Howard Stern slammed her for not being honest ,but ratings-hungry: “This is a girl who got famous revealing everything about her personal life, now she thinks she’s Jennifer Aniston…The second her show gets a dip in the ratings, she’ll have Kanye out
there in his underpants dancing around the show. I mean, come on
already, stop the nonsense

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Do you believe Kim would say something like that? Is she more famous that the 3 Hollywood A-listers?

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