Kim Kardashian: Kendall Doesn’t Use Her Last Name For Modeling Auditions

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Kendall Jenner is determined to have a successful modeling career and she doesn’t plan to achieve it based on her famous last name. The Kardashian name is a household name, no secret in Hollywood, but Kendall wants to score all her modeling auditions based on her skills and not on her last name, big sister Kim Kardashian revealed.

The 18 years-old walked the runway for big names like Marc Jacobs and Chanel during Fashion Week this year, and she achieved all that on her won.

She went and auditioned, and she just goes by the name of Kendall, ” Kim revealed to E!. The 33 years-old starlet said that her sister purposely dissed her last name “hoping that people won’t think that she gets any handoffs.”

Kardashian went on to praised her little sister for all the hard work she puts in building a bonafide modeling career: “She works her butt off. She just goes to casting after casting. I’m so proud of her that her Fashion Week was able to achieve all the shows she was able to walk in. She’s living her dream and it’s so inspiring to watch her.”

Will Kendall ever model for the Kardashian brand? “I think we’d have to go through her agent to find out if she would walk in our show. That’s a good question—I don’t know,” Kim said.

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What do you think about Kendall Jenner’ decision to ditch her last name for modeling auditions?

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