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Kim Kardashian Is Back In A Bikini

Kim Kardashian has been hitting the gym hard these months, judging from all the paparazzi pics, so here she is (once again) proudly showing off her beach body in a teeny tine two-piece swimsuit.

“Pool time”, Kim tweeted.

“#nofilter #nophotoshop “, she mentioned – again.

I really am curious why she feels the need to mention there’s no filter and no Photoshop every time she tweets a bikini pic. Obviously her fans don’t care about that. Looking at those pics, that’s probably the last thing on their minds.

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Kim‘s body looks incredible in these pics. That’s all. Oh, that and the fact that she needs a bra that fits. Her boobs are looking like they’re trying to escape the one she’s wearing.

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How do you like Kim Kardashian’s latest bikini pictures?

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