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Kim & Kanye In A Hurry To Get Married?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are keeping their mouths shut when it comes to their relationship, but the media still manages to release the juiciest stories.

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According to latest rumors, the two lovebirds can’t wait for Kim’s divorce to be over so they can get married! Apparently, Kanye is so eager to marry the “Keeping Up” star that he is insisting she gives Kris Humphries whatever he’s asking for just so it can all be over, Celebrity-Gossip.net reports.

“Kanye wants to marry Kim, and he’s telling her to expedite the divorce so they can start their future. Kanye’s like ‘Just do whatever you need to do to make it go away’. Kim’s starting to come around to Kanye’s way of thinking. As things get more and more intense and comfortable, both Kim and Kanye hate being apart. As they grow closer, Kanye’s desire to marry Kim – and hers to be married to him- keeps getting stronger”, an insider told press.

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While it’s unsure if Kimye are indeed in a hurry to tie the knot, one thing is surely true from all this story: obviously, both parts want the divorce to be done. After all, Kim is still married to Kris so it’s only natural that the ‘Mercy‘ rapper wants her to be free.

Do you think Kim and Kanye will get married soon after her divorce is over?

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