Kim K West And Skims – Will You Be Purchasing?


Do you want the hourglass figure like Kim? If so, you should purchase her shapewear brand Skims asap! However, which kind would you settle for?

Kim Kardashian West always seems to amaze people with her appearance, but also with whatever she comes out with. Aside from her makeup line, Kim also launched her lingerie and shapewear brand, called Skims Have you ever heard of Skims? Thinking about diving in and exploring some of her lingerie options? Here’s all the tea that you should know about her successful brand!

Kim started her brand two years ago where her main focus was on giving women of all ages, shapes and body types an hour like figure! Skims is a lingerie brand that gives you curves of your dreams! They focus mostly on giving you the right shapewear and the much-needed suction around your stomach and thigh area.

However, this shapewear comes at a specific price point, which may not be for everyone. They sell for $40-100 and are available in some of the most basic and monochrome colors.

Lately, everyone has been talking about Kim’s pretty funny yet unusual statement regarding Skims. In one of her interviews, she stated that she is sorry for not creating a specific type of shapewear. Which kind? The one with a pee hole in it! Her fans were shocked by this statement, since have you ever heard of shapewear which has a small hole between your legs? How unusual would this be, and how shocked are you about this statement?

Would you purchase Skims in general, or would you prefer the kind that has a pee hole?

A) Shapewear is cool, and I’d like just the original version from Skims.

B) I don’t really wear shapewear and I would never pay that amount of money for clothes.

C) I’m actually really intrigued about Skims with the hole addition, it would be practical!

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