Kevin Bacon revived ‘Footloose’ dance for the 30 years of the film

Kevin Bacon-Footloose

Kevin Bacon Footloose

Kevin Bacon danced again the Footloose choreography for the 30 years of the tape.

After 30 years of the famous movie ‘Footloose’, actoKevin Bacon performed once again the dance that made him famous in the eighties during the program “The Tonight Show“, which is hosted by comedian Jimmy Fallon. 

The funny and catchy choreography performed ​​by the actor generated effusive cries of the crowd when they saw him moving like a 17-Year-Old Teen. The video has already been viewed by over 3 million people through YouTube.

The protagonist of the famous movie in the eighties thanked the host of the program for the funny moment through his Twitter account.

It seems that people enjoyed the choreography. I will not lie about that I’m a little stiff, “wrote the talented actor and dancer .

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