Kelly Osbourne “twitting” her revenge against cheating ex-boyfriend

Kelly Osbourne is not having her best Christmas ever. She headed to United Kingdom to spend all the festivities along with her family at their London mansion. Unfortunately, while overseas, she found out that her ex-fiance had cheated on her during their relationship.

Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrall had been dating for two years and broke up in July.

Osbourne tweeted: “Luke Worrall is the biggest piece of s***. He has been trying to get back with me. I only came home for Christmas to see him, meanwhile he has been f***ing hundreds of girls, as well as men, behind my back.”

It didn’t spot there. Kelly referred to Worrall as the “worst thing it happened to her,” and accused him of using her for her money and “free ride.”

The girl is hearted broken. Kelly it hurts, we all know that…But thank God you didn’t move forward and married him.

Personally I think that a broken heart is like a bad flu: While you are in the middle of it, you think that you are going to die, but you always end up recovering from that and get wiser and stronger.

You’ll be fine Kelly!

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