Kelly Brook Split From Boyfriend David McIntosh Because He Was Using Her

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Kelly Brook is single again. The model reportedly split from boyfriend of six weeks David McIntosh and the reason behind the breakup is a sad one, especially for Kelly.

According to Daily Mail, Brook was left “hurt and humiliated” when she realized that McIntosh, a former ‘Gladiator‘ star, was with her not for love, but for fame. She reportedly ended the short-lived relationship as soon as she realized David was using her to get famous.

Kelly thinks David has been using her. She felt hurt and humiliated when she realised he was more interested in fame than he was in her,” a source claims. “He was desperate to be in the papers and she kicked him out as soon as she realised he was alerting the photographers to their whereabouts.

But David claims that’s not at all true. “Media attention isn’t a new thing. I’ve been doing a lot of modelling work in America myself, people know me out there,” the 28-years-old said after the split.

He also appear to be regretting the breakup: “I thought we’d clicked. I didn’t ever want to jinx it by saying or doing too much. I would’ve liked things to develop further because I do like her. I’ve always fancied her.”

Kelly on the other hand, seems more than ready to be done with this relationship. She deleted all the coupley photos of her and David from her Instagram and according to sources close to her she’s sure her ex was with her just for the publicity.

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