Katy Perry wants a traditional wedding

Katy Perry is now working full time on preparing her upcoming wedding with British comedian Russell Brand.

Brand wanted to get married at Los Angeles’ Sunset Marquis hotel, however  the “I kissed The Girl” hitmaker turned down his request because she doesn’t want to upset her parents:

“Russell has been visiting the hotel for years and it is steeped in rock ‘n’ roll history. Katy was keen, but when it was suggested they could have their blessing in one of the recording studios, she put her foot down,” said a source close to the couple.

It looks like Perry –who is notorious for her wacky fashion sense and non-conventional life-style- wants to keep it old school and very traditional when it comes to her wedding day.
“Her religious parents would be crushed if she didn’t get married in a church and she wants a traditional ceremony,” added the source.

Kerry’s parents are both devoted Christian Pastors, and the pop star wants to show some respect to their background and her religious upbringing. 

Brand, who wanted to get married in India –where the couple spent a very romantic New Year’s Eve getaway and the comedian proposed to the pop star- happily accepted his fiancée’s request:
“Russell said she can have whatever she wants, as long as his mum’s there,” said the source. We can’t wait to see those two tying the knot.

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